Tips For Blog Marketing

Tips For Blog Marketing

Tips For Blog Marketing
Blog marketing is​ not all that hard if​ you​ know what you​ are doing .​
However,​ if​ this is​ your very first blog and you​ are wondering how to​ get readers to​ it​ then you​ are in​ the​ right place .​
First let me just say that marketing your blog is​ going to​ require patience,​ and being consistent .​
You will have to​ update your blog frequently if​ you​ want to​ keep readers coming back for more .​
We are all guilty of​ making a​ blog,​ wanting it​ to​ be great,​ putting only one entry into it​ and then never going back to​ update it​ again .​
I​ think everyone in​ cyber world has done this at​ one time or​ another .​
Here are some great tips to​ use when trying to​ get your blog out there and get new readers.
Make sure that your blog has the​ track back feature .​
Let me tell you​ why .​
When you​ have the​ track back feature on​ your blog,​ you​ are allowing other people to​ link to​ your blog .​
Maybe someone has a​ post to​ post on​ their blog that is​ relevant to​ one of​ yours .​
They can use the​ talkback to​ your post,​ and send their readers to​ your blog so that they know what they are referring to​ .​
Another good thing to​ remember is​ that if​ someone gives you​ a​ track back,​ it​ is​ a​ courtesy to​ return that to​ their blog if​ at​ all possible.
Having a​ Google account and submitting a​ sitemap is​ almost a​ must when you​ are blog marketing .​
Doing so will allow Google to​ know how often you​ are updating your blog and they will automatically know of​ any changes that you​ have made to​ it​ as​ well .​
This will let Google get those new pages indexed faster and get them into search results much quicker than if​ you​ did not have the​ sitemap .​
There is​ a​ certain way you​ have to​ do the​ sitemap for Google,​ and they can explain that to​ you​ .​
Just know this is​ an​ important step to​ blog marketing.
Exchanging links with authority blogs and websites that are in​ your same market is​ another great way to​ get the​ word out about your blog .​
The authority sites are going to​ have a​ higher page rank,​ and will also be listed high in​ Google’s search results .​
So do some searches and check those out and see if​ they are up to​ exchanging links .​
If they are not,​ you​ could always just add those into your blogroll .​
You do not need permission to​ do that if​ they are not into linking .​
However,​ in​ the​ world of​ blogs,​ most blog owners are thankful for all links,​ and are willing to​ return the​ favor.
You are going to​ want to​ be sure that all of​ your posts are formatted .​
Doing so will leave out any confusion for the​ search engines and you​ will have everything nice and neat and all organized .​
The label tags are there for a​ reason when you​ are dealing with blogs .​
So using them and not leaving them out is​ a​ great idea.
Tracking is​ another part of​ blog marketing that is​ so very important .​
You want to​ be able to​ track your visitors and clickers to​ know where they are coming from .​
You want to​ be able to​ tell what keywords they searched on​ to​ find your blog and where they did their searching .​
Doing so will help take out all of​ the​ guess work when it​ comes to​ blog marketing .​
You will know what keywords are working,​ and which are not.
Allowing RSS feeds from your blog is​ also another great blog marketing tool .​
You are going to​ find that when you​ allow RSS feeds,​ your blog is​ going to​ end up all over the​ internet with a​ link back to​ it​ and that is​ a​ good thing .​
This is​ a​ wonderful way to​ get links to​ your blog with little or​ no effort .​
People that subscribe to​ your blog’s RSS feeds are able to​ then post your blog posts on​ their sites or​ blogs .​
Which in​ return gives you​ a​ link on​ their site or​ page that they have you​ on​ .​
Blog marketing is​ only as​ hard as​ you​ make it .​
Use these tips and get your blog out there and seen today!

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