Three Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem

Three Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem

Feeling good about yourself is​ one of​ the key ways to​ be successful at​ what you​ do. Remember that only you​ are in​ charge of​ your​ emotions and​ empowering yourself is​ a​ great way to​ get ahead in​ life.

this​ article lists three ways to​ boost your​ self esteem which can help you​ feel better about yourself and​ become a​ more confident person.

Get your​ mind relaxed

A relaxed mind is​ the source of​ great power. Like the tai-chi masters of​ old, a​ calm mind can bring about great mental strength that can allow you​ to​ become more confident in​ what you​ do on​ a​ daily basis. Things like hypnosis, tai-chi or​ meditation​ can help you​ develop this​ inner calm that will allow you​ to​ be composed in​ the most volatile situations. a​ calm mind in​ the face of​ adversity, is​ a​ source of​ strength.

John for​ example is​ a​ busy executive who was really stressed out at​ work so in​ the weekends he decided to​ take up Tai-Chi and​ after that was able to​ maintain​ his calm during the week. as​ a​ result of​ that, his colleagues started consulting him when they had crisis and​ his self confidence went up.

Do something that you​ are strong at

Do something that you​ are good at​ and​ that reinforces in​ your​ mind that you​ are a​ person​ that is​ of​ value. Spend some time doing something that allows you​ to​ experience the feeling of​ winning. Chalking up the wins is​ something that will help boost your​ self confidence.

There is​ much to​ illustrate in​ the area of​ the psychology of​ winning. There was an​ story of​ a​ father who let us son​ beat him at​ wrestling and​ after a​ while, this​ son​ started to​ consistently beat his other brother whom for​ the longest time had prevailed over him. Such is​ the power of​ the mindset of​ a​ winner.

Do something for​ others

Spend some time doing something for​ others and​ doing it​ well. The joy of​ achievement no matter how small will empower and​ light up your​ life. Remind yourself that in​ small things you​ are faithful, you​ will be able to​ handle larger and​ more complex things. Thereafter you​ will be able to​ be confident in​ your​ own abilities to​ handle more tasks.

Self confidence is​ relative as​ well. Some people think that they have the worst life in​ the world, helping out the less fortune reminds us that we should be thankful and​ thereafter make the best of​ our own existence on​ earth as​ mundane as​ it​ may be. Thankfulness and​ self esteem have an​ impact on​ each other and​ a​ thankful mindset is​ the basis to​ attract more self confidence.

in​ conclusion, are you​ feeling down and​ insecure? Try taking these three simple steps today and​ thereafter spend time at​ night reflecting on​ your​ own thoughts. Discard thoughts that drag your​ self-worth down and​ take active steps to​ nurture positive thoughts. There is​ wisdom in​ living a​ more confident life and​ it​ is​ one that you​ ought to​ live.

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