Three Tips To Successfully Moving With Your Cat

Three Tips To Successfully Moving With Your Cat

in​ 2018, my wife and​ I moved from Washington​ to​ Arizona. Although the 1,500-mile drive looked to​ be uneventful, one catch was that we were taking our domestic longhaired cat, My Lenaptalf, along for​ the ride. Now that the experience is​ behind us, I’m able to​ offer these three tips to​ making your​ cat move a​ success.

Sedate – We mentioned our moving plans to​ a​ vet, and​ he recommended sedatives for​ the cat. Though she wasn’t too keen on​ taking the pills, I highly recommend them. With just one small pill a​ day, our cat was able to​ quietly sleep on​ the floor of​ the back seat in​ the car for​ the entire day.

Be Steady – Provide a​ consistent environment for​ the cat each day and​ night. We made a​ small, dark, cave-like environment for​ the cat in​ the back seat that seemed to​ help reduce her normal fear of​ the car and​ reduce the sense of​ being in​ motion. When we stopped in​ motels, we gave her the same food and​ a​ small litter box with the same litter she was used to.

Speak Softly – Especially at​ the beginning and​ end of​ the day’s car ride, speak softly to​ the cat and​ reassure her with your​ voice that everything is​ okay. Don’t make sudden movements or​ startle her. Allow her to​ explore a​ new motel room for​ a​ few minutes before doing anything else. Bring a​ familiar blanket that smells like home for​ her to​ sleep on.

I’m sure there are other success stories out there as​ well, so take the tips to​ heart that apply to​ your​ cat and​ your​ move, and​ good luck!

Three Tips To Successfully Moving With Your Cat

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