Three Steps To Your Ultimate Marketing Message

Three Steps to​ Your Ultimate Marketing Message
Have you​ created a​ core marketing message to​ use throughout all of​ your marketing efforts?
I'm not talking about some catchy slogan or​ play on​ words using the​ name of​ your business or​ the​ service you​ provide .​
It's not some meaningless phrase like we do it​ right or​ quality service you​ can trust .​
Anybody in​ business can say those things and they're really basic expectations anyway.
A core marketing message clearly and concisely communicates what you're out to​ do and for who .​
It speaks to​ your ideal target market and gets them to​ respond and seek more information.
So many small business owners and professional service providers never take the​ time to​ create this for their own business .​
Most are creating a​ new message with every new marketing campaign .​
They're constantly trying new ideas .​
And each new idea becomes a​ new chance to​ try and come up with that home run message that gets the​ phone ringing off the​ hook like never before.
What you​ need is​ an​ ultimate core marketing message that communicates directly and powerfully to​ your clients and prospective clients what it​ is​ they'll get from your services.
Here are three steps to​ creating your own ultimate core marketing message:
1 .​
Who do you​ want to​ help? Be as​ clear as​ you​ can on​ who your target market is​ .​
Take some time and define with as​ much clarity as​ possible who your ideal clients are .​
If it's not obvious who your message is​ directed to,​ why would you​ expect anyone to​ get it?
2 .​
What is​ the​ primary problem,​ issue,​ or​ challenge you​ would like to​ help someone in​ that target audience solve? This is​ really at​ the​ heart of​ your core marketing message .​
Most people are consumed with their own problems and looking for solutions to​ address them .​
So when you​ can clearly articulate a​ problem your client is​ dealing with,​ they'll listen because you​ may be able to​ provide a​ solution.
3 .​
What is​ the​ ultimate outcome or​ result that you'd like to​ help your target market produce in​ solving their problem,​ issue,​ or​ challenge? People what to​ know what it​ is​ they'll get from knowing or​ working with you​ .​
When you're prepared to​ demonstrate that you're focused on​ delivering an​ outcome they'd be interested in,​ they will pay attention and want to​ know more.
That's it .​
Now take your answers and boil it​ down to​ one or​ two clear sentences that you​ can deliver enthusiastically and passionately .​
Communicate it​ in​ everything you​ do from a​ marketing perspective,​ both verbally and in​ writing.
Forget the​ catchy slogans .​
Create and start using your ultimate marketing message right now.

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