Three Factors That Cause Hair Loss

Three Factors that Cause Hair Loss
Three Factors that Cause Hair Loss
Most of​ us have heard that too much hatwearing or​ poor circulation to​ the​ scalp can cause hair loss. Theses causes all have been proven to​ be myths,​ and the​ real causes of​ hair loss are stress,​ health,​ and hormones.
Stress can cause your hair to​ literally fall out. Usually the​ hair loss occurs 3 months after you`ve gone through the​ stressful period. Then you​ will need another 3 months after you​ begin losing hair for​ your hair growth to​ begin again if​ the​ stress has been diffused . Your bodies built in​ healing process considers your emotional problem so important,​ that it​ ignores your hair putting it​ into a​ resting phase. This resting phase is​ known as​ Telogen Effluvium. Stress can also trigger genetic hair loss. if​ your already losing hair stress will cause you​ to​ lose hair even faster. So stress plays a​ big role in​ hair loss,​ keep your blood pressure down!
Health is​ also a​ factor in​ hair loss. Damaged blood vessel linings can inhibit your hair growth. This is​ because these blood vessel linings normaly produce endotheliumderived relaxing factor E. D. R. F. or​ nitric oxide N. O. . Studies also show that there is​ a​ strong relationship between people with heart disease experienceing hair loss. Also,​ diabetics have a​ higher risk of​ experiencing hair loss.
Lastly,​ male hormones called dihydrotestosterone DHT is​ known to​ be the​ most common reason for​ male pattern hair loss. DHT is​ produced from testosterone which is​ produced by the​ enzyme 5apha reductase. DHT has a​ very high affinity being up to​ ten times more potent than testosterone. Your DHT hormones can be balanced which medication,​ these medications will resurrect your hair follicles bringing them out of​ their resting phase and your hair will begin to​ grow again. the​ most popular hair loss medication is​ Propecia,​ Propecia can be bought through the​ online pharmacy I ​ will link to​ at​ the​ bottom of​ this article. An inbalance of​ DHT triggers and autoimmune response in​ pattern loss,​ which initiates an attack on​ your hair follices. Gradually your hair follices will become inflammed putting your hair in​ a​ resting phase which causes hair to​ only fall out not grow.
Half of​ the​ men and women in​ just the​ U. S. suffer from hair loss. the​ good news is​ hair loss is​ no longer something you​ have to​ live with. There are many treatments out there,​ some will correct the​ inbalance of​ DHT in​ your body to​ allow you​ to​ grow your own hair again,​ some simply need patience or​ counseling,​ and of​ course you​ can turn to​ expensive hair transplant surgery. But why get to​ this point,​ just know the​ three factors that cause hair loss and your chances of​ having a​ full head of​ hair,​ go way up!

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