Three Easy Lessons To Take Your Online Marketing To The Next Level

Three Easy Lessons To Take Your Online Marketing To The Next Level

The common thread? These experiences reinforced several lessons that will help you​ succeed in​ attracting the​ right kinds of​ clients. Here are ideas and resources to​ help you​ take action:

Lesson 1: Be yourself when you​ market. This is​ particularly true if​ you​ offer a​ really complex or​ academic service (like the​ scientists I mentioned) where it's natural to​ cite lots of​ references and sources. Instead of​ getting caught up in​ stiff or​ unnatural language that stands between you​ and the​ audience you're trying to​ connect with,​ just be yourself. I see a​ lot of​ people struggle with this when it​ comes to​ writing "copy" for their website,​ an​ e-newsletter or​ sales letter.

In the​ wise words of​ my new friend,​ Fred Gleeck (online marketing genius and co-host of​ this past weekend's Subscription Website Publishers Association Conference,​ "Just write the​ truth. the​ truth as​ you​ see and feel it. People will then feel more comfortable about the​ copy you​ write. They may not be able to​ put their finger on​ it,​ but it​ will be more believable and it​ will increase sales. Forget the​ hype and "slightly" untruthful copy. Adopt a​ writing style that makes sure that what you​ say and what is​ ACTUALLY true are in​ complete harmony." to​ tap more of​ Fred's wisdom,​ visit him at​

Lesson 2: if​ you​ don't have one,​ start an​ e-newsletter TODAY! the​ key to​ successful online marketing comes down to​ one thing: a​ basic,​ opt-in e-newsletter. Why? Because you're invited to​ "touch" your readers regularly with small samples of​ your thinking. in​ turn,​ you​ invite them to​ check out more resources on​ your website. it​ becomes easy for them to​ spread the​ word about you. It's a​ way to​ get new contacts from your offline networking into your online marketing system.

A really good e-newsletter,​ written in​ your natural voice (see Lesson 1) is​ the​ engine that drives your marketing machine. Don't let excuses like "my website's not ready" and "we don't have our editorial calendar planned out" stop you. the​ point is​ to​ start connecting with your target audience at​ least monthly to​ build the​ relationship. My favorite resource for how-to is​ Debbie Weil at​ Debbie will get you​ up and running in​ no time.

Lesson 3: Nobody cares about you...and here's what to​ do about it. According to​ PR expert Paul Hartunian (,​ nobody cares if​ you've just released the​ greatest new service,​ gotten promoted,​ hired new staff or​ spoken at​ another conference. What they do care about is​ how you​ can rock their world. if​ you​ start your marketing message with,​ "We are pleased to​ announce...,​" you're dead in​ the​ water.

What you​ need to​ do is: 1) use a​ basic template to​ write press releases that work (Paul has 'em); 2) torture the​ media by telling them what problems you​ solve,​ but not how you​ solve them (they'll have to​ call you​ to​ find out); 3) develop a​ simple 3-page media kit for quick follow up (your 1-page press release,​ a​ 1-page "so what?" bio,​ and a​ 1-page FAQ sheet). the​ other hot thing that the​ press likes these days is​ online media rooms. This is​ a​ dedicated place on​ your website where they can,​ in​ one or​ two easy downloads,​ check you​ out and get what they need to​ write a​ story about you. an​ easy way to​ do this is​ via the​ Media Room product at​

The 3 easy steps to​ improve your online marketing efforts?

Step 1: Be yourself when you​ market.

Step 2: Start an​ e-newsletter (monthly,​ at​ a​ minimum).

Step 3: Remember that nobody cares about you​ (only how you​ can rock their world).

Three Easy Lessons To Take Your Online Marketing To The Next Level

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