Three Article Writing Tips That Can Explode Your Readership And Trrafic

Thousands of​ articles are being churned out everyday but how many of​ these are ever read. if​ your articles are not going to​ be read then you are not going to​ reap the​ benefits of​ writing your articles.

Webmasters and others visit article directories,​ article banks and article announcement sites mainly for two reasons. Firstly to​ read articles written by experts to​ learn from them about business strategies,​ article writing tips and other useful Tips and Ideas so that can adopt and implement them. Secondly to​ obtain useful topic related good content for their websites.

Why should the​ reader choose to​ read your article in​ preference to​ several others?

It is​ here that these three article writing tips if​ properly implemented,​ will have a​ tremendous impact on​ the​ reader and compel him to​ read your article.


Visitors to​ article directories have numerous articles to​ choose from. They will scroll down,​ stop and click on​ the​ title that grabs their attention. Grabbing the​ visitors’ attention should be your main goal. if​ you miss out on​ this then you have missed your opportunity. it​ must now be obvious that the​ Key to​ open the​ door to​ your article is​ your Title.

Much time and thought should be spent in​ constructing a​ Striking,​ Powerful and Compelling Title that will grab the​ reader’s attention,​ stop his scrolling and compel him to​ click on​ the​ link and see how good and useful the​ article is.

If you succeed in​ this then you have set the​ ball rolling. it​ is​ very important that the​ title should never be misleading. the​ principle to​ follow should be "Be smart but don't mislead." a​ few misleading titles from you and soon you will be dumped by the​ readers.


The reader will next want to​ have a​ quick glimpse at​ your introductory passage.

Many authors do not place sufficient emphasis on​ this aspect. Their perception is​ that if​ the​ article is​ of​ quality and educative,​ people are bound to​ read them. This is​ true in​ the​ case of​ articles written by outstanding authors and experts and if​ their name are displayed alongside. Again how will a​ newbie ever recognize the​ names? Hence an​ impressive paragraph is​ important. the​ reader should with the​ help of​ these few sentences get a​ quick glimpse and visualize the​ quality and what this whole article is​ about. Here too the​ author should give a​ true picture of​ what is​ in​ store for the​ reader. the​ introduction should never mislead the​ reader.

Resource Box:

Having read the​ article and if​ the​ reader is​ captivated by the​ content and your expertise,​ his natural tendency will be to​ know more about you,​ your products and possibly read more articles written by you.

To begin with he will go to​ the​ Resource Box and gather more information about you. the​ resource box should display your name,​ a​ brief glimpse of​ your profession or​ expertise that can attract him and the​ URL of​ your website. How well you display your resource box will impress the​ reader further to​ click on​ your URL to​ visit your website. the​ main objective of​ writing articles and attracting maximum readership is​ to​ lead the​ reader to​ visit your website and promote your business.


Writing articles with proper keyword placement,​ optimizing for the​ search engines and submitting them to​ article directories is​ one thing but getting the​ audience to​ read the​ articles is​ a​ different kettle of​ fish altogether. You have got to​ grab him and get him to​ read your article. the​ rest will follow. Successful implementation of​ these three article writing tips will result in​ an​ explosion in​ your article readership statistics,​ visitors to​ your website and increased sales.

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