Thinning Hair A Bald Fact

As you​ grow older,​ not only do you​ grow wiser but as​ a​ sign of​ wisdom,​ you​ start losing your hair. Thin hair has been the​ result of​ time. But other factors like heredity,​ modern hair styling treatments like perming,​ bleaching,​ coloring etc. have also led to​ thin hair. Bad diets and stress also have an​ adverse effect on​ the​ thickness of​ hair.

The following tips give you​ some advice on​ how to​ control hair thinning problems:

• Color your hair: When you​ color your hair,​ they appear thicker since the​ process actually roughs up the​ hair. it​ is​ easier to​ give the​ appearance of​ fullness since the​ hair strands slide one another and lie flat against each other. Use lighter colors since they hide the​ scalp very easily.

• Choose a​ curly look: When you​ curl your hair,​ they appear fuller since the​ wavy look alters the​ surface of​ the​ hair.

• Blow-dry your hair: Blow drying the​ hair will make the​ hair two to​ three times thicker without harming the​ scalp. it​ plumps up the​ hair so that they look higher. But keep the​ dryer two to​ three times away from the​ hair to​ avoid causing excessive dryness. Also,​ use a​ conditioner after shampoo if​ you​ tend to​ blow dry your hair regularly.

• Use protein shampoo daily: When you​ wash your hair daily,​ the​ hair oils are removed,​ it​ gives the​ hair more body so that it​ looks thicker than the​ normal. Using shampoos with hydrolyzed animal proteins,​ also called thickeners,​ they give the​ hair more diameter. They coat the​ hair so that each shaft appears two to​ three times fuller than usual. Also,​ the​ hair appears fluffy and hence,​ looks fuller.

• Try a​ kitchen conditioner: Mix a​ tablespoon of​ white vinegar with a​ pint of​ water and massage onto the​ hair after shampooing. Vinegar changes the​ chemical balance of​ the​ hair to​ acidic and thus gives a​ full appearance to​ thinning hair.

• Use eggs: Crack an​ egg over the​ hair before shampooing. Massage it​ for​ five minutes and then rinse out. it​ has the​ same effect as​ protein shampoos as​ egg is​ an​ animal protein.

• Use minimal commercial conditioners: Usually,​ conditioners are used to​ give the​ volume to​ the​ hair. But people use quantities more than required and thus give the​ hair a​ limp look. Always use a​ teaspoon of​ conditioner for​ every wash.

• Use mousse: before going out,​ always style your hair with mousse to​ make the​ hair appear fuller. Since mousse contains resins,​ they coat the​ hair and add diameter to​ it. it​ lifts the​ hair off the​ scalp and gives it​ a​ fuller appearance.

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