Things To Do On Long Driving Trips

Things To Do On Long Driving Trips

Whether you’re going on​ vacation, visiting family or​ friends, or​ you​ just want to​ see the sights, a​ long driving trip can be fun for​ everyone. Many of​ us are so anxious to​ get where we’re going, we forget that the joy is​ in​ the journey.

Listen to​ Audio Books

Since many people tend to​ get a​ little car sick when they read in​ the car, an​ audio book is​ the perfect replacement. With a​ moderately priced Mp3 player, you​ can easily carry several audio books with you​ no matter where you. you​ can listen to​ it​ yourself, or​ choose something everyone will enjoy to​ play throughout the car. you​ can buy audio books in​ three formats – digital Mp3s, CDs or​ cassette tapes (although cassettes are getting to​ be a​ bit outdated).

Sing Songs

Most people are embarrassed to​ sing in​ front of​ others because we all don’t have beautiful voices, but when everyone sings together, half the fun is​ listening to​ everyone’s off-tone voice and​ the forgotten words to​ the song. One thing that’s guaranteed, when you​ sing songs on​ a​ long driving trip, those songs will forever be remembered fondly, and​ great memories will be created.


I know…I know…Talking seems like an​ obvious thing to​ do on​ a​ long drive, but you’d be surprised how very few people actually do it. These days it​ seems any child twelve and​ under has a​ portable game like Gameboy or​ PSP, and​ teenagers have ear buds permanently attached to​ their head with the latest music streaming from their iPods, or​ the incessant text messaging through the “required” cell phones for​ everyone in​ the family. All of​ these distractions make it​ difficult for​ families to​ really “talk”.

So why not take this​ time on​ the road to​ turn off all the electronic devices and​ talk to​ each other – about anything. if​ you’re going on​ a​ family vacation, perhaps you​ all list the top 3 things you’re looking forward to​ doing on​ vacation. you​ can also make up questions that everyone has to​ answer – like “if​ I could go anywhere in​ the world, I would go to…”, “if​ I could go to​ lunch with any famous person​ I would want to​ meet…”, or​ “The three things I want to​ do before I’m 65 are…”. These kinds of​ statements help you​ get to​ know things about your​ friends and​ family you​ never would have known otherwise, and​ it​ starts fun conversations too!

Car Games

Most of​ us at​ one point in​ our lives have taken part in​ a​ car game which usually involves the alphabet, looking for​ items along the trip, or​ a​ good memory. Here are a​ few car games to​ get you​ started, but you​ can always make up your​ own.

License Plate Game – See how many different state and​ country license plates you​ can spot on​ your​ trip.

20 Questions – One person​ states if​ they are a​ person, place or​ thing. Then the other people in​ the car can ask up to​ 20 yes or​ no questions to​ try and​ figure out what they are.

My Father Owns a​ Grocery Store – The first person​ says “My father owns a​ grocery store and​ in​ it​ he sells apples”, then the next person​ follows by saying “My father owns a​ grocery store and​ in​ it​ he sells apples, and​ bananas”. The game continues going through the whole alphabet. They must say the entire list of​ items previously said by other people and​ then add their own item at​ the end. if​ someone gets stumped on​ the list of​ items, they are out and​ the remaining people continue.

These are just some of​ the fun things you​ can do on​ a​ long driving trip. Remember to​ make the journey fun, light, and​ full of​ memories!

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