Things To Consider When Pondering A Home Addition

Things To Consider When Pondering A Home Addition

Things to​ Consider When Pondering a​ Home Addition
When taking the plunge to​ do a​ kitchen remodel that includes a​ room addition​ be sure to​ take some time to​ understand​ how the remodeling process and​ addition​ work .​
Before you​ even shop for​ cabinets or​ flooring do your​ homework .​
this​ will help immensely to​ ensure the project runs smoothly .​
When planning a​ room addition, spending time looking at​ all your​ options and​ deciding what choices to​ make is​ critical.
for​ instance: where are you​ planning to​ put the room addition? How large should the addition​ be? Deciding how large is​ an​ important issue in​ keeping within​ the guidelines of​ your​ budget and​ any zoning restrictions or​ codes .​
How do you​ want the lay out to​ be? Do you​ want to​ lose you​ 100 year old oak tree or​ tear up your​ deck These are all things to​ consider before you​ start you​ addition​ .​
Choosing the right contractor is​ the number one thing and​ his expertise should be in​ the area of​ the design you​ want to​ incorporate into your​ existing home .​
Contractors do not all have experience with building foundations, blending your​ 1800's home with new construction​ and​ other issues that are sure to​ come up .​
in​ room additions it​ is​ well worth your​ money to​ get an​ architect involved .​
The architect is​ responsible for​ preparing floor plan layouts, understanding zoning issues, kitchen design goals and​ other issues .​
Often, but not always, contractors have their own architect on​ staff but it​ might be wise to​ just go ahead and​ hire your​ own.
Be sure to​ look for​ contractors that are familiar with your​ house's style and​ age .​
this​ is​ particularly important if​ you​ are dealing with an​ old or​ historical home .​
Make sure he has worked on​ projects in​ your​ area and​ is​ familiar with local zoning codes, is​ licensed and​ insured .​
Be sure to​ get the all important referrals and​ follow up with checking them out.
Keep focus on​ your​ original desire and​ do not be sidetracked by other peoples' suggestions for​ your​ home .​
Remember the original reason​ you​ are doing the addition, how you​ will use the space and​ what the top five priorities are .​
Always get estimates and​ list of​ cost on​ everything you​ are planning on​ doing so there will not be any surprises .​
your​ beautiful vision​ will become a​ nightmare if​ you​ run out of​ cash mid stream .​
keep everything on​ track with good timing which is​ one of​ the responsibility's of​ your​ contractor .​
Never rush anything in​ your​ excitement to​ get things rolling.
Listen to​ your​ insides and​ if​ you​ do not feel right about something stop and​ give yourself some time to​ think about it .​
you​ will be glad in​ the long run with no I​ wished I​ had listened to​ my gut! Knowing why you​ are remodeling makes all the difference in​ how you​ spend your​ money .​
if​ you​ are just flipping a​ house you​ might not have as​ detailed ceiling fans, light switches, etc .​
or​ top quality appliances .​
if​ this​ is​ to​ be your​ life time home be sure to​ buy good quality that you​ really want and​ will be proud of.
this​ is​ a​ big step and​ should be fun and​ full of​ excitement and​ not something to​ be dreaded .​
Just take one step at​ a​ time and​ fulfill your​ vision​ your​ way with the images of​ many happy years in​ your​ home.

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