They Are Just Afraid Of Writing

They Are Just Afraid Of Writing

Sometimes,​ students as​ well as​ scholars are afraid of​ designing and completing new project,​ one of​ the​ most difficult in​ their turbulent student life,​ one of​ the​ longest during their short period of​ study,​ and one of​ the​ most important as​ well. Why are so many people afraid of​ the​ writing assignment? Why so many students afraid of​ dissertations? Apparently,​ they have too many questions and too few answers.

Let us,​ answer some of​ them.

First,​ remember that it​ is​ not always necessary to​ make your own research. Certainly,​ when you are assigned to​ undertake some research in​ your instructions than you should perform it. in​ the​ majority of​ cases,​ however,​ you can use available statistical data.

Second,​ the​ data mentioned can be found relatively easily.
There are plethoras of​ publishing sources that contain the​ data you are interested in. Even,​ if​ you do not have data on​ some specific problem (for example media coverage of​ the​ war in​ Iraq),​ you have the​ possibility to​ conduct the​ research and analyze available publishing sources.

Third,​ there are other sources that can be researched. For example,​ if​ you are assigned to​ complete the​ assignment on​ geography,​ then you should visit library to​ conduct your research,​ or​ visit geographical society,​ if​ your research pertains to​ some regional topic.

Fourth,​ both quantitative and qualitative data can be used in​ your research. Certainly,​ what type of​ the​ research should be used depends on​ the​ type of​ your assignment. Needless to​ say,​ it​ is​ imperative to​ use quantitative methods in​ the​ writing assignments of​ technical subjects,​ but even in​ this case you should indicate why the​ particular method has been chosen. When you need to​ back your research up with statistical data,​ the​ use of​ quantitative research is​ indispensable. Qualitative date is​ frequently used when you would like to​ find out the​ psychological or​ social reasons of​ a​ particular event or​ trend. You can either use your own date,​ or​ use data from other sources.

Fifth,​ in​ your dissertation project you are expected to​ analyze your data,​ both the​ one collected by yourself from your own research or​ from other sources. You should answer such questions as​ why does this trend continue,​ what makes it​ grow or​ fall,​ why is​ it​ changing? You could explain how particular methods are applicable to​ the​ process that you research. One should reveal one’s own understanding of​ the​ vital elements of​ the​ concept mentioned and their influence on​ the​ process that you research.

Fifth,​ you dissertation can be written on​ some literature. in​ this case it​ would be a​ literature-based paper. if​ you are assigned to​ conduct the​ research on​ particular book,​ you should emphasize some important topics of​ the​ book,​ which in​ your opinion make this book distinctive. This type of​ dissertation requires some research on​ literature criticism; however make sure that you use literature criticism,​ after you have read a​ book.

Certainly,​ we​ have answered only part of​ the​ questions that concern students. Undoubtedly some questions still remain unanswered. if​ you would like to​ lean more about dissertations and the​ steps that should be taken to​ complete them,​ you are more than welcome to​ visit Custom Essay Writing Service.

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