The A Z Of Increasing Your Online Marketing Roi Part I

The A-Z Of Increasing Your Online Marketing ROI Part I
A - Affiliate Marketing
Merchant products are promoted on​ 3rd party (affiliate) websites .​
When visitors click through from the​ affiliate site to​ the​ merchant site and make a​ purchase then an​ agreed fee is​ paid to​ the​ affiliate.
If you​ advertise your products online,​ affiliate marketing is​ an​ efficient way to​ generate additional business .​
It is​ a​ cost effective form of​ advertising for merchants,​ and a​ simple way for affiliates to​ earn revenue from their website.
B - Banner Advertising
Banner advertising generally has a​ low response rate,​ often yielding about 2 visitors per thousand banner impressions .​
Despite the​ relatively poor value of​ banners for driving traffic,​ banner advertising can be particular useful in​ certain circumstances such as​ raising brand awareness.
C - Categorise
Structuring your site well can be worth its weight in​ gold,​ not just to​ users of​ your site,​ but also to​ search engines .​
a​ well structured site in​ terms of​ infrastructure (i.e .​
directory structure,​ page naming convention) will not only tell your visitor what the​ page is​ about quickly,​ but also provide the​ search engines with an​ idea of​ what the​ page is​ about before it​ is​ indexed.
D - Differentiation
A unique Marketing Campaign that allows a​ company and/or its products and services to​ stand out from its competitors .​
Having a​ niche product or​ service makes the​ job of​ marketing your product or​ service much easier .​
If your service is​ not unique,​ it​ is​ often possible to​ identify a​ unique selling point of​ your product or​ service.
Focus on​ your unique selling points,​ those products or​ services that differentiate you​ from your competitors,​ and ensure you​ portray these to​ your potential customers.
There are many aspects that can make you​ similar to​ your competitors,​ so ensure your unique selling point is​ clear to​ your customers .​
This can make a​ significant difference between success and failure.
E – E-Mail Marketing
Using e-mail as​ a​ means of​ communicating commercial messages to​ an​ audience (Direct Marketing) can be a​ profitable addition to​ your marketing strategy.
This could take many forms:
• Targeting your existing client base with additional services or​ products.
• Targeting your existing client base with the​ purpose of​ enhancing the​ relationship of​ a​ client with its current or​ old customers and to​ encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.
• Targeting your existing client base with the​ purpose of​ selling 3rd party products for a​ fee.
• Purchasing a​ list of​ client email addresses for the​ purpose of​ marketing your products to​ a​ new client audience.
• Adding your advertisements to​ e-mails sent by other companies to​ their client base and marketing your products to​ a​ new audience.
Direct marketing is​ popular with companies online as​ it​ is:
LOW COST : Compared to​ direct mailing or​ printed newsletters the​ costs are negligible .​
The advertiser does not need to​ pay for production,​ paper,​ printing or​ postage.
IMMEDIATE : It is​ instant,​ as​ opposed to​ a​ mailed advertisement,​ an​ e-mail arrives in​ a​ few seconds or​ minutes.
TRACKABLE : It is​ easy to​ track .​
An advertiser can track hits,​ conversions and rise in​ sales .​
FAR REACHING: Direct marketing can reach substantial numbers of​ e-mail subscribers who have opted-in (consented) to​ receive e-mail communications on​ subjects of​ interest to​ them.
F – Focus
Keep it​ relevant!
There is​ no point spending hundreds or​ thousands of​ pounds on​ advertising on​ your site,​ and then sending a​ potential customer to​ a​ non-related landing page .​
There are two scenarios as​ regards online marketing where this is​ especially true,​ namely
• PPC advertising - Send your customers through to​ a​ targeted page .​
Many companies send clients through to​ the​ homepage,​ or​ worse,​ a​ non related page to​ what the​ term is​ .​
By sending potential customers through to​ a​ relevant page,​ you​ reduce the​ number of​ clicks required to​ find the​ product,​ at​ the​ same time reducing the​ number of​ exit points,​ which have the​ effect of​ making the​ money spent on​ sending the​ client to​ the​ site redundant.
• Affiliate Marketing - These days may clients are using companies such as​ Tradedoubler and Miva to​ drive traffic to​ their site .​
However,​ the​ number of​ times I​ have seen companies use the​ extra functionality such as​ product feeds that these Affiliate Marketing companies provide,​ and then under utilise them is​ staggering .​
By again targeting the​ users directly to​ the​ product/service they are searching for you​ are reducing the​ chances of​ the​ customer leaving the​ site before he/she has even
viewed your product.
G - Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers can be a​ good way of​ influencing users to​ your site to​ buy a​ product/service .​
Not only can this be a​ good way of​ adding conversions,​ it​ can increase your customer loyalty as​ well.
H - High earners vs Low returners
Differentiating what products/services offer the​ highest return on​ investment is​ often one of​ the​ best ways of​ increasing your bottom line,​ and as​ a​ result your return on​ investment (ROI) .​
This may sound like common sense,​ however many companies overlook this,​ and continue offering products or​ services that never make any positive ROI.
The same applies to​ search engine marketing as​ a​ whole .​
For example,​ If you​ have a​ pay-per-click campaign,​ and are using very generic terms,​ you​ may find by tweaking the​ terms,​ and making these more specific,​ you​ decrease the​ amount you​ are spending on​ your PPC campaign,​ and increase your ROI as​ a​ result.
I - Informative
Having a​ site that is​ informative,​ interesting and unique is​ one of​ the​ best ways of​ keeping visitors coming back to​ your site,​ whether they be human or​ robots .​
Visitor loyalty is​ invaluable .​
This can be achieved via a​ number of​ ways whether it​ be a​ niche product,​ well written technical articles,​ your companies own PR or​ even just something that is​ just unique,​ funny or​ controversial.
J - Just keep it​ simple
Over complicating the​ conversion process is​ often the​ biggest barrier to​ obtaining a​ successful sale .​
Many companies place barriers in​ the​ way,​ giving customers more reasons to​ pull out of​ a​ sale before completion,​ whether it​ is​ up-selling,​ over zealous data capture,​ or​ an​ inaccessible website.
A recent client’s buying process involved 10 clicks from site entry to​ sale completion .​
By reducing the​ number of​ clicks required to​ complete the​ sale from 10 to​ 6,​ sales increased by 400% .​
This involved streamlining the​ buying process,​ ensuring that the​ customer completed in​ as​ little time as​ possible.
In the​ modern era,​ time is​ money .​
Therefore time can be expensive so keep the​ time required to​ make a​ purchase to​ a​ minimum.
K - Keywords
Research thoroughly the​ keywords that your website can realistically be ranked for .​
If you​ have a​ new website in​ a​ highly competitive market then ranking naturally for the​ major terms will be close to​ impossible,​ so consider less competitive and more targeted terms.
Higher levels of​ visitors do not necessarily mean an​ increase in​ sales .​
a​ more focused set of​ keywords may mean lower traffic but the​ quality of​ the​ traffic can lead to​ a​ better ROI.
L - Landing Pages
This is​ another asset of​ search engine marketers that is​ either over-optimised for search engines or​ under-utilised for visitors .​
Both can have a​ detrimental effect on​ sales conversions and ultimately your ROI.
If you​ are using landing pages for any of​ your online advertising/marketing,​ it​ is​ highly advisable to​ keep these landing pages tailored to​ their requirement .​
You will find that by sending potential customers directly to​ the​ area/product they are looking for,​ you​ will significantly increase your sales as​ a​ result,​ and ultimately your ROI.
M - Mod Rewrite
A Mod Rewrite engine is​ a​ piece of​ web server software used to​ modify URLs,​ for the​ purpose of​ making your dynamic URLs more user friendly to​ customers and search engines.
A rewritten URL is​ easier to​ use if​ it​ is​ short but descriptive .​
The URL should have some text describing the​ content,​ but should not be too long.
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