The You And Them Marketing Principal

The You And Them Marketing Principal

Work at​ home opportunities offer business owners an​ advantage over the​ big companies. Here are 5 secrets to​ help work at​ home businesses gain the​ upper hand over the​ competition – every time.

It doesn’t matter what you​ sell,​ what market you​ are in,​ or​ how much you​ have to​ invest. Everyone has competition. Even the​ local farmer’s market must compete against the​ big box conglomerate which owns the​ local grocery store chain.

Any business who wants to​ survive and thrive in​ today’s market needs to​ manage the​ competition and outperform their competitors. you​ can get caught up in​ the​ scams,​ writing long pages of​ testimonials that are suppose to​ separate ‘fools from their money.’ Or,​ you​ can follow the​ tried and true,​ marketing strategies that were used to​ help the​ international franchises grow.

Building the​ X factor - You

Customers are always looking for something different. Shopping is​ just the​ primal urge to​ find items the​ ‘clan’ needs for survival,​ and look for something new and better that will give your family the​ edge.

Ebook marketers may all sell the​ same ebook as​ one thousand other resellers,​ but one will emerge and profit while 900 fail to​ make money,​ and quit. the​ successful retailers knew what made their customers buy. They were not interested in​ hits,​ they only wanted sales.

In most cases,​ they created a​ brand,​ an​ image for their company and promoted that – not the​ product. People are tired of​ having advertisements shove down the​ ‘over-inflated’ advantages of​ a​ product or​ service.

The first step is​ to​ create an​ image that will speak to​ your ‘target audience.’ Do they want professionalism,​ a​ helping hand,​ a​ friend,​ or​ to​ feel that they are receiving something for nothing?

Customer service is​ still the​ #1 sales tool. in​ fact,​ most companies are now branding the​ company owner – not the​ product. This is​ called the​ X factor. No competitor can undermined this,​ reproduce it,​ or​ steal it.

A marketer,​ John Colanzi,​ says "stop promoting products and start promoting you"

Become Friends

People buy from someone they trust. the​ #1 reason why those long pages of​ testimonials do not work is​ because there is​ no ‘face’ to​ attach to​ the​ product.

However,​ you​ can also form a​ Joint Venture with another company. Two companies can work together cheaper than one can. the​ important factor when hunting down a​ Joint Venture is​ to​ look for a​ company with the​ same target market,​ the​ same strengths.

A great principal is​ to​ find your closest competitor and learn to​ work together. Joint Ventures can be as​ simple as​ sharing links,​ content exchange,​ ezine swaps,​ affiliate selling,​ endorsements,​ interviews,​ joint authorship of​ books,​ sharing the​ cost of​ promotional products – the​ scope is​ limitless.

The ‘You and Them’ marketing principal can work in​ any market. the​ product is​ no longer important,​ because you​ are branding yourself,​ selling yourself,​ and then working with other like minded people so that you​ can both secure a​ larger segment of​ the​ market.

The You And Them Marketing Principal

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