The Value Of Good Writing

The Value Of Good Writing

Almost every week I see brochures,​ websites,​ advertisements and newsletters that have been poorly written. Either the​ spelling is​ weak,​ or​ the​ sentences are badly constructed,​ or​ the​ key message is​ buried somewhere in​ the​ middle. Sometimes the​ message isn’t even clear. What these pieces lack is​ good copywriting.

Most of​ what I see has been written by highly competent professionals who are expert in​ their field. But not in​ writing. They imagine that because they are smart chief executives,​ or​ clever it​ specialists or​ skilful consultants that they can also turn their hand to​ copywriting. Often they cannot. the​ net result is​ that what they write diminishes their message and damages their reputation.

Whereas poor writing will sabotage a​ good reputation,​ excellent copywriting will enhance it. Indeed really good copywriting can sometimes create a​ reputation where none existed before. So for example,​ a​ well turned-out brochure,​ crisply written and beautifully designed can help an​ organisation craft a​ completely new image. Similarly,​ a​ radically new website which has an​ eye-catching design,​ a​ clear structure and copy that is​ easy to​ read and convincing,​ can make a​ dramatic difference to​ an​ organisation. Good copywriting gets noticed and that’s good news for the​ business that the​ copywriting is​ supporting.

Good copywriting not only gains the​ attention of​ the​ reader,​ it​ convinces as​ well. That is​ so important. the​ writing needs to​ be attractive,​ friendly and jargon-free,​ but it​ will fail if​ its underlying message is​ not made strongly enough. an​ interesting example is​ the​ writing of​ a​ case study for a​ company magazine or​ sales brochure. Unless the​ case study contains clear and objective arguments to​ show why a​ product or​ service was a​ success,​ it​ won’t convince the​ reader.

Copywriting a​ case study sounds easy,​ given what I’ve just said. But it​ is​ not. You have to​ strike a​ balance between giving too much information to​ the​ reader and too little,​ and between inflating the​ reasons for success and under-selling them. Most important of​ all you have to​ remember all the​ time who your audience will be.

Understanding your audience is​ absolutely key to​ good copywriting. That’s where the​ value of​ good copywriting lies. a​ skilled copywriter will start by thinking about who they are writing for,​ what they want to​ say and the​ best way of​ putting that message across. it​ should be lucid,​ inviting and interesting. to​ me that’s good copywriting.
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The Value Of Good Writing

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