The Use Of Water In Home Decor

The Use Of Water In Home Decor

People the world over have a​ natural attraction​ to​ water, and​ it​ is​ not only because drinking water is​ essential to​ our survival; nor because it​ is​ very important for​ cleanliness. Water has a​ fascination​ that causes millions of​ people to​ visit, or​ want to​ live by, the sea, waterfalls, lakes and​ large ponds.

Both moving and​ still water are not just attractive to​ the human eye, but seem to​ have a​ therapeutic value. Moving water in​ particular is​ said to​ give off negative ions, which help to​ negate all the positive ions generated by modern living and​ can be harmful to​ our well being. Whatever the reasons, though, the fact is​ that people love water in​ nature. Closer to​ home, they like to​ bring those effects into their own gardens with water gardens, waterfalls, ponds and​ fountains.

What about within​ the home itself? Many of​ us bring nature and​ gardens into our home with plants, and​ decorative plant pots. it​ is​ therefore only one small step to​ bring in​ water features too. Water can, and​ does, play a​ very useful role in​ home decor; not on​ the grand​ scale in​ the average home, although it​ can do in​ a​ country mansion​ or​ more palatial home, but in​ miniature and​ in​ imaginative and​ decorative ways.

There are three main​ ways to​ use water features as​ home decor:

Indoor Waterfalls

By having an​ indoor waterfall in​ the home, you​ can bring to​ your​ home the sound of​ running water, which has such a​ relaxing effect. However, an​ indoor waterfall can do far more for​ your​ home. There are so many varied designs now, using quite a​ variety of​ materials, that you​ should be able to​ find a​ feature waterfall for​ the home that suits your​ decor, whether modern, traditional, or​ olde worlde.

There are basically two types of​ indoor waterfall: wall hanging, and​ free (or floor) standing. So, as​ far as​ the placing of​ the waterfalls is​ concerned, you​ have plenty of​ choice to​ fit in​ with your​ interior design. They come in​ many sizes, too, from very small right up to​ a​ very grand​ size of​ 6 feet plus in​ height and​ width. for​ the larger wall hanging waterfalls, you​ do need a​ substantially built wall on​ which to​ fix them. However, they can and​ do look very impressive; and​ the larger the size, the more potential you​ have for​ the sounds of​ flowing water.

The materials and​ finishes used can be chosen to​ fit in​ with either a​ modern or​ more traditional decor. Some of​ the most popular frames are stainless steel and​ copper, with a​ range of​ finishes to​ give either a​ shiny modern look, or​ an​ antique look with an​ aged finish. as​ in​ natural waterfalls, natural stone is​ often a​ feature of​ the indoor equivalent, as​ are pebbles. Slate, in​ many colours, is​ especially effective in​ indoor waterfalls.

Indoor Fountains

Indoor fountains are much like the waterfalls in​ terms of​ materials used. in​ fact, the names waterfall and​ fountain​ are often interchangeable when it​ comes to​ home decor. However, what you​ probably imagine as​ a​ water fountain​ can be found, and​ are often available in​ table top size. These can be very small, but still a​ delightful use of​ flowing water in​ the home, whether used on​ a​ table as​ a​ centrepiece, or​ as​ an​ ornamental feature on​ a​ sideboard.

Designs of​ the table top fountains can be quite delicate, and​ utilize decorative materials, such as​ jade and​ bamboo, in​ some unique ways. These table top fountains can go well in​ even a​ small modern home.

Fish Aquarium

While many people keep an​ aquarium because they like fish, and​ do so as​ a​ hobby, there is​ also a​ lot of​ potential to​ use an​ aquarium as​ a​ home decor feature. The sound of​ the water comes from the bubbling of​ the filter, while much additional movement and​ colour comes from the fish themselves. When you​ add some attractive lighting to​ the tank, you​ can create a​ very soothing water feature for​ the home.

As with fountains and​ waterfalls, an​ aquarium can be in​ a​ very wide range of​ sizes, free standing or​ built into a​ wall. The maintenance, of​ course, is​ much higher than for​ that of​ a​ waterfall or​ fountain, but you​ may well consider that worthwhile for​ all the pleasure the fish may bring.

if​ you​ have space, there is​ no reason​ why you​ should not combine all three of​ these types of​ water features. They are all attractive in​ their own way, and​ can complement each other in​ a​ larger home.

The Use Of Water In Home Decor

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