The Types Of Lasers Used For Laser Hair Removal

The Types of​ Lasers Used for​ Laser Hair Removal
You may not have known but there are four different types of​ lasers used for​ hair removal .​
Some clinics offer non laser hair removal .​
Remember to​ check out your options before making a​ decision.
Ruby Laser: This laser used for​ hair removal has a​ very powerful pulse .​
It is​ also known as​ being the​ recommended laser for​ people with lighter skin .​
If set on​ a​ lower setting it​ can be used on​ darker skin .​
This is​ one of​ the​ oldest lasers used for​ hair removal .​
The fact that this laser can only treat smaller areas has made it​ less requested.
Alexandrite Laser: This laser used for​ hair removal is​ versatile .​
The range can be customized as​ well as​ the​ size of​ the​ area .​
It will depend on​ the​ coarseness of​ the​ hair being removed .​
This hair removal laser is​ very effective and fast .​
Even more so with larger areas of​ hair on​ the​ body .​
This laser is​ the​ fastest one used for​ hair removal .​
You can request this laser or​ use it​ with confidence that it​ will give you​ great results.
The ND Yag Laser: This laser used to​ remove hair is​ known to​ be one of​ the​ greatest lasers .​
It treats darker or​ tanned skin and coarser hair the​ best .​
This laser has a​ long pulse unlike the​ ruby laser that has a​ very fast pulse .​
The downside to​ the​ long pulse is​ you​ might feel more discomfort during your session .​
the​ Diode Laser: This laser used for​ hair removal is​ versatile also .​
It has a​ design that is​ wavelike and treats a​ range of​ different skin types .​
This laser is​ used more for​ people with darker skin .​
It gives better results on​ darker skin rather than lighter skin .​
This laser will cover the​ larger areas of​ the​ body and has a​ faster treatment time.
These hair removal lasers have their own certain areas they treat best .​
This should be of​ less concern to​ you​ and more to​ your practitioner .​
Find a​ practitioner you​ can trust to​ choose the​ best option for​ your specific need.
Some clinics will offer a​ non-laser hair removal procedure .​
If this interests you​ as​ well,​ discuss this with your practitioner .​
You want to​ be sure you​ know your options before having a​ laser hair removal procedure .​
What if​ it​ really isn't for​ you​ and you​ do not take the​ time to​ realize that?
How many people have a​ procedure done only to​ later turn around and say they wish they wouldn't have? Not very many,​ but you​ do not want to​ be one of​ the​ few .​
Everyone should get all the​ information that they can on​ a​ procedure such as​ laser hair removal.
Knowing what kind of​ lasers they use and their benefits will help make you​ at​ ease during your treatment .​
Knowing about the​ equipment and process of​ a​ procedure can be very calming to​ some patients .​
You will have a​ better idea of​ what to​ expect during your laser hair removal process as​ well .​
is​ it​ going to​ hurt? It might actually depend on​ the​ laser used .​
You will not know until you​ talk with your practitioner .​
Make sure they are highly qualified as​ well .​
This will also help with achieving the​ best laser hair removal results .​

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