The Truth On Hair Loss Myths

The Truth on​ Hair Loss Myths. . .
You might be surprised to​ learn that many people are unable to​ untangle fact from fiction when it​ comes to​ hair loss. Some of​ the​ blame lies with the​ many companies and individuals exploiting hair loss myths in​ order to​ sell bogus hair products. Other myths may linger because people with hair loss,​ particularly women,​ are reluctant to​ talk about an issue that remains sensitive and sometimes emotional. the​ timing and pattern of​ pattern baldness is​ also different in​ men and women.
While men tend to​ start losing hair in​ the​ 30s and 40s,​ hair loss begins in​ the​ 40s or​ 50s in​ women,​ though it​ can occur as​ early as​ the​ 20s. And while men first lose hair in​ the​ front and at​ the​ top of​ the​ head,​ women’s hair thins diffusely throughout the​ scalp.
Until recently,​ women have been reluctant to​ seek treatment,​ but hair restoration surgeons say that women make up more and more of​ their practices. in​ reality,​ hair loss is​ just as​ common in​ women as​ it​ is​ in​ men,​ though the​ degree of​ loss tends to​ vary by gender. ‘By the​ age of​ 50,​ over 50 percent of​ men have significant hair loss. ’ Dr. McAndrews says.
‘For women,​ about 25 percent have significant hair loss by the​ age of​ 50,​ though it​ may be less apparent because women are more conscientious about hiding it​ than men are. ’ for​ most people,​ hair loss is​ a​ result of​ a​ genetic predisposition. for​ some,​ however,​ hair loss may result from a​ condition called telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium is​ a​ condition where a​ lot of​ hair may fall out in​ a​ relatively short period of​ time.
The most common causes are childbirth,​ high fever,​ severe illness and even high stress. in​ most cases this type of​ hair loss is​ temporary. Other common causes are like inadequate protein or​ iron in​ your diet,​ or​ poor nourishment caused by fad diets or​ an eating disorder. Chemicals used for​ dying,​ bleaching,​ straightening or​ perming hair as​ well as​ excessive hairstyling or​ hairstyles that pull your hair too tight can also cause gradual hair loss.

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