The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

The removal of​ unwanted hair with lasers has rapidly gained popularity. However this form of​ treatment is​ not for​ everyone and it​ is​ important that consumers become educated as​ to​ the​ different and competing hair removal procedures available.

Some procedures still in​ use are outdated,​ whilst some are more suitable for​ certain hair and skin colors.

What are laser hair removal requirements?

It is​ most important that the​ surrounding skin is​ lighter than the​ hair. Also very dark skins absorb excessive laser energy which is​ not ideal.

Patients with light hair and tanned skin should not consider laser hair removal treatment.

However if​ you​ have dark hair and a​ tan,​ you​ must wait for​ the​ tan to​ fade before having treatment. Note that you​ will require several treatments depending on​ the​ body areas,​ and although relatively cheaper that electrolysis,​ laser hair removal costs could exceed $1000.

How much will laser hair removal cost?

This depends on​ the​ size of​ the​ area being treated. Top treatment centers average around $500 a​ session,​ and generally four treatment sessions are prescribed.

Whole back or​ leg areas will cost a​ lot more,​ whilst small upper lip areas could be cheaper. you​ would need to​ have an​ individual assessment by the​ laser center for​ more exact costing.

What is​ the​ effect of​ skin color on​ laser hair removal?

Light skin:

  • Easier to​ perform

  • Fewer treatments

  • Better and faster results

Darker skin:

  • Slower results

  • More sessions

  • Greater expertise required

  • Individualized treatment required

What is​ the​ effect of​ hair color on​ laser hair removal?

Dark hair:

  • Absorbs more laser energy

  • Easier to​ treat

  • Coarse dark hair gives best response

Light hair:

  • More difficult to​ treat

  • Blonde or​ red hair is​ very difficult to​ treat

  • Multiple treatment sessions are required

  • Results are variable

How many treatments are required for​ laser hair removal?

A single laser session could result in​ long-term hair removal,​ however multiple treatment sessions are usually required for​ best results. This is​ mostly due to​ the​ fact that hair grows in​ cycles and individual strands are not all in​ a​ growth phase at​ the​ same time which is​ when laser hair removal is​ most effective.

What body areas can be treated with laser hair removal?

Anywhere except next to​ the​ eye. the​ most requested areas are:

  • The face

  • Upper lip

  • Neck

  • Chest

  • Periareolar

  • Underarms

  • Back

  • Abdomen

  • Bikini line

  • Legs

Are laser hair removal results permanent?.

Hair removal techniques such as​ waxing,​ shaving,​ and plucking all have temporary results. Some newer lasers show positive evidence that laser hair removal produces permanent hair reduction after each treatment on​ an​ accumulative basis. However results can be individually variable,​ even using the​ latest lasers.

Some Important Laser Hair Removal Considerations.

  • There are no guarantees. Exact laser hair removal results for​ each individual patient are unpredictable,​ particularly with regard to​ the​ number of​ treatment sessions required.

  • It is​ highly recommended that you​ choose quality over price when selecting a​ laser hair removal clinic. This procedure is​ an​ exact science,​ and the​ best results come from the​ centers with the​ most experience.

  • Properly performed laser hair removal is​ effective in​ the​ vast majority of​ cases. it​ is​ usually only those with blonde or​ red hair that do not respond well.

  • Laser hair removal is​ not compatible with tanning as​ it​ will reduce it's effectiveness and increase the​ number of​ sessions required.

  • Some light or​ dark skin pigment changes may occur and persist for​ months,​ but these are usually temporary and very rare in​ untanned patients with fair skin.

  • Rarely blisters and burns may occur,​ especially in​ dark skinned patients.

  • As beta carotene darkens the​ skin,​ it's consumption should be avoided for​ several months prior to​ treatment.

  • African-Americans and those with dark skins can take heart that new lasers and techniques available at​ specialized laser hair removal centers can now provide effective laser hair removal for​ most patients,​ no matter what their skin type.

Latest Advancements in​ Laser Hair Removal

Lasers for​ hair removal from tanned and black skin have continued to​ advance with new long wavelength multi-pulse lasers.

Specialized laser clinics can offer at​ up to​ three different laser hair removal technologies for​ optimal treatment of​ different skin and hair types:

  • multi-pulse alexandrite

  • single-pulse alexandrite

  • multi-pulse Nd-Yag lasers

Skin cooling techniques should be used before,​ during and after the​ laser pulse as​ the​ best way to​ keep discomfort at​ a​ minimum during the​ laser hair removal session.

All laser hair removal settings must be determined for​ each individual patient's hair and skin color,​ as​ well as​ for​ the​ location and coarseness of​ the​ hair to​ be treated and the​ patient's reactions.

It could be dangerous to​ use topical anesthetic creams or​ solutions excessively. Better to​ avoid them completely if​ possible,​ particularly whilst the​ proper laser settings are being initially determined.

The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

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