The Truth About The Aarp Defensive Driving Program

The Truth About The Aarp Defensive Driving Program

It is​ quite unbelievable the number car accidents which are now happening frequently amongst the senior population. a​ recent report published in​ USA Today found that accident insurance claims from senior drivers are being submitted at​ a​ rate more than 70% higher now than in​ 1999.

There seems to​ be no question​ that driving is​ getting more difficult for​ the over 55’s. Roads are busier, cars are faster, and​ rules of​ the road keep changing. The AARP has a​ driver safety program which could now help do the job of​ better educating our seniors in​ the skills and​ techniques of​ defensive driving.

for​ those who are wondering just who the AARP is, they are a​ powerful association​ which pushes the rights and​ security of​ those American citizens who are over the age of​ 55. The AARP acknowledges that preventing all senior citizens from driving is​ not practical, and​ is​ in​ fact discriminatory. Bearing this​ in​ mind, the AARP developed their defensive driving program with the aim of​ updating and​ renewing the driving capabilities of​ seniors still behind the wheel.

Letting go of​ driving privileges can be embarrassing and​ depressing at​ any age. Many older drivers find it​ increases the stresses that accompany growing older and​ being able to​ do less as​ the years roll by. a​ prime example of​ this​ is​ where a​ senior driver can easily pass the compulsory eye examination, but critical reaction​ times and​ reflexes are now much slower.

What is​ The AARP Driver Safety Class?

A better name for​ the AARP Driver Safety Class would be the AARP Defensive Driving class. Not only does it​ update skills on​ driver safety, but it​ teaches skills to​ help seniors avoid getting into accidents in​ the first place.

Motor vehicle insurance companies now accept AARP defensive driving classes as​ a​ requisite for​ car insurance rebates. By undertaking an​ AARP defensive driving class, senior drivers can not only save money, but can also indicate to​ insurance companies that they are serious about driving safely and​ avoiding accidents.

AARP Defensive Driving Safety Class – Where Can I find One?

AARP defensive driving course are situated in​ many localities – finding one nearby is​ not that hard. The AARP website is​ easily accessible online, and​ seniors can search to​ see what classes would suit them. for​ those who do not have the internet, the AARP can be contacted by telephone on​ free-call 1-888-AARP-NOW (1-888-227-7669). AARP volunteers will respond with information​ about suitable AARP defensive driving courses within​ 3 to​ 5 working days.

At a​ cost of​ round $10, and​ AARP defensive driving course is​ very reasonably priced. a​ course generally lasts for​ two days with approximately four hours daily class contact time. Course objectives of​ and​ AARP defensive driving course are:

1. Updating driving skills and​ knowledge of​ road rules.
2. Awareness of​ normal physical changes related to​ ageing, and​ what driving adjustments to​ make.
3. Learning the warning signs which precede finishing with driving altogether.
4. Reducing or​ eliminating traffic violations, accidents, and​ potential injury.
5. Drive more safely on​ the road.
6. Obtain​ insurance discounts. Car insurance companies usually provide discounts to​ AARP graduates.

in​ the present era where those from the “baby boomer” generation​ are turning into seniors, there are more over 55 drivers than ever before. as​ the first and​ definitely the largest refresher course in​ the nation​ for​ over 55’s, the AARP Driver Safety Program is​ helping multitudes of​ drivers remain​ safe whilst driving on​ the roads.

The AARP driver safety program has been offered in​ classroom format for​ 25 years and​ now the same course is​ available online. for​ “seniors” who are still driving and​ want to​ remain​ safe for​ years to​ come, get down to​ your​ nearest AARP defensive driving course now!

The Truth About The Aarp Defensive Driving Program

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