The Top Ten Tips For Effective Sales Letter Writing

The global marketplace is​ fast becoming a​ real marketplace: it​ is​ growing noisier and even more crowded,​ with vendors all racing to​ sell their wares to​ the​ nearest customer,​ and with marketing techniques that can be clever,​ if​ not downright ridiculous. Indeed,​ marketing campaigns are becoming more and more hard sell,​ annoying customers rather than attracting them.

Despite the​ good efforts of​ advertising companies,​ customers are now inundated with information and saturated with images. Many companies,​ moreover,​ are employing tactics that alienate rather than attract customers. This may be due to​ the​ fact that hard sell marketing methods tend to​ make companies appear impersonal,​ when customers first need to​ know that they are cared for.

In other words,​ customers need to​ know that you care,​ before they care what you know (or want to​ sell). a​ good sales letter might accomplish such a​ feat. a​ sales letter is​ simply a​ letter showing your company’s credibility,​ the​ effectiveness of​ your product or​ service,​ and persuasive words for the​ recipient to​ buy the​ product or​ service. Although this appears to​ be simple,​ writing an​ effective sales letter is​ easier said than done: it​ should be worded simply but convincingly,​ and it​ should be personal,​ but not intrusive.

If you want to​ write an​ effective sales letter,​ take note of​ these tips before you start writing or​ typing it​ out.

• A sales letter need not be filled with clever words,​ puns,​ or​ jokes. in​ fact,​ it​ should not employ any ridiculous tactics to​ attract customers. the​ best sales letters are in​ fact terse,​ simply worded,​ and free from jargon or​ acronyms that the​ prospective customer will not be able to​ understand.

• Address your customer directly,​ and by name. if​ you avoid addressing them as​ simply “Dear Sir or​ Madame” or​ “To Whom it​ May Concern,​” then you will have taken the​ first step in​ convincing them of​ the​ goodness of​ your company,​ and the​ greatness of​ your products or​ services. a​ personal address makes customers feel that they are cared for.

• A good sales letter is​ always worded clearly,​ especially when you mention how the​ product or​ service will directly benefit the​ recipient. if​ you are selling computer parts,​ mention how the​ customer needs the​ parts,​ and how important a​ computer is​ in​ today’s society. if​ you are selling an​ encyclopedia set,​ mention how important reading still is,​ even with the​ Internet; mention how people always need to​ learn facts from a​ reputable source. as​ long as​ you make sure that your customers feel cared for,​ then you are on​ the​ right track.

• Build trust in​ your prospective customers. if​ you have testimonials from satisfied customers,​ or​ quotes from respected people in​ your business,​ then use them in​ your letter. Use them sparingly,​ however,​ as​ quotes and testimonials can make your marketing appear too aggressive.

• Maintain your company’s credibility. in​ as​ few words as​ possible,​ tell the​ recipient something about your company. if​ you are selling food products,​ you may want to​ state the​ safety standards to​ which you comply,​ or​ you may want to​ mention awards that your products received. Again,​ do not overdo this portion of​ the​ sales letter,​ since over-praising yourself will alienate,​ if​ not annoy your sales letter recipients.

• Make your sales letter attractive. Print the​ letter on​ high quality paper with good ink. a​ poorly printed or​ produced letter will turn customers away,​ no matter how good your product or​ service is. Remember,​ the​ quality of​ the​ letter represents your company’s capabilities,​ so invest in​ good printing.

• If you can,​ include useful tips or​ facts in​ boxes or​ sidebars along with the​ letter. if​ you cannot make these boxes or​ sidebars fit,​ then enclose a​ brochure that the​ prospective customer could use. For instance,​ if​ you are selling vacation packages to​ Europe,​ you can enclose a​ brochure on​ the​ top ten European destinations,​ along with a​ list of​ places to​ visit. Such a​ brochure can be attractive,​ and may find itself on​ the​ refrigerator door,​ where your name can be exhibited for all to​ see.

• Deliver firm instructions on​ what the​ letter recipient should do. Should they call you to​ buy your product? Should they email you to​ avail of​ your services? Provide your contact information,​ but be prepared to​ field calls and respond to​ emails.

• Include incentives with the​ products and services that you are offering. Studies show that customers respond to​ offers of​ gifts and discounts,​ so make your offers as​ attractive as​ possible.

• Have the​ boss sign the​ letter personally. This lends a​ personal touch to​ the​ letter,​ and will look better than a​ signature that has been printed out.

As long as​ you reach out to​ your customers and know their needs,​ you will make your voice heard in​ the​ crowded global marketplace. Write a​ good sales letter,​ and you can see your profits rise.

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