The Top Ten Marketing Tips You Dont Want To Overlook

The Top Ten Marketing Tips you​ Don’t Want to​ Overlook
1 .​
Combine Emotion and Logic
Consumers buy because the​ want to​ experience the​ benefits of​ the​ product or​ service you​ have to​ offer .​
Evoke those feeling that your clients will experience once they have the​ product in​ their hands.. .​
and you’ve made a​ sale .​
It isn’t until after the​ sale that they want to​ justify the​ purchase .​
Prepare them with the​ logical aspects of​ the​ purchase before they get the​ after-the-sale-blues.
2 .​
Apply the​ 80/20 Advertising Principal
You never want to​ put yourself out on​ a​ limb when you​ are experimenting with the​ market .​
That could spell disaster! Keep 80 percent of​ your advertising budget working tried and true methods,​ while you​ mine for gold with the​ remaining 20 percent .​

3 .​
Go For Dynamic Small Ads
Do you​ need to​ cut advertising expenses? You’ll be happy to​ know that cutting down on​ the​ size of​ an​ ad doesn’t mean you’ll be trimming your profits as​ well! Bigger isn’t always better .​
Think about this.. .​
small ads have less potential for distracting your readers from the​ main point .​
That could be the​ blessing in​ disguise you’ve been looking for.
4 .​
Market With Postcards
Postcards are personal,​ quick to​ read,​ and make an​ impact .​
Compare them to​ other advertisements you​ receive in​ the​ mail.. .​
If you’re like me,​ you​ probably don’t even know what they look like .​
When I​ identify them as​ advertisements,​ I​ automatically pitch them.. .​
without opening the​ envelope .​
Postcards carry high-impact messages,​ and guarantee a​ 100 percent level of​ consumer exposure.
5 .​
Call to​ Action
The call to​ action is​ one of​ the​ most important parts of​ your advertising copy .​
Don’t wimp out on​ it! Spend time combining words and phrases to​ get the​ one with just the​ right impact .​
Remember,​ you’re trying to​ get the​ reader out of​ his chair ready to​ buy .​
It’ll take a​ stimulating sales copy to​ do the​ trick.
6 .​
Surprise,​ Surprise!
We all like surprises .​
Keep one on​ the​ back burner,​ ready to​ present near the​ end of​ a​ sale .​
You'll be sweetening the​ deal,​ and your prospective buyer will be pleased!
7 .​
Send a​ Thank You.
Have you​ ever received a​ personal thank you​ from a​ place of​ business after you​ purchased a​ product? Hey,​ it​ makes you​ feel appreciated .​
the​ impact of​ a​ hand-written or​ personalize thank you​ lasts long after the​ newness of​ the​ product wears off .​
the​ next time you​ head out to​ buy.. .​
yeah,​ you’ll be going back!

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