The Top 3 Reasons For Losing Your Hair

The Top 3 Reasons For Losing Your Hair

The top 3 reasons for​ losing your hair
According to​ scientists,​ there are three causes of​ alopecia in​ either men or​ women.
Too much DHT
Pseudooestrogen chemicals
Lack of​ vital nutrients
Free testosterone is​ broken down into DHT a​ more potent form of​ testosterone. This chemical binds to​ the​ hair follicle receptors blocking vital nutrients from accessing the​ hair. the​ hair becomes miniaturized and thin and eventually dies. it​ is​ what’s called the​ peach fuzz look on​ young men with hair loss.
This is​ why eunuchs never had any hair loss which got Plato wondering. it​ is​ also why only men get male pattern baldness and women don’t. Hair loss in​ women is​ more evenly distributed with a​ thinning over the​ whole scalp. Also,​ effective DHT inhibiting treatment was only effective on​ young men with hair loss and not older men or​ women. Excessive DHT is​ therefore not the​ only reason for​ losing your hair.
It is​ normally unheard of​ for​ women in​ China to​ get hair loss at​ any age. Over the​ last 20 years increasing number of​ Chinese women in​ the​ industrialized areas of​ China are experiencing hair loss. This has been put down to​ chemicals form the​ industrial process which mimic the​ chemical effects of​ oestrogen. These pseudooestrogen chemicals bind tighter to​ the​ hair follicle receptors than normal oestrogen does,​ starving the​ hair follicle of​ vital nutrients,​ similar to​ the​ way DHT does.
Also,​ this seems to​ the​ reason for​ hair loss in​ obese men. Fat cells in​ obese and balding men contain more of​ the​ enzyme aromatase responsible for​ converting testosterone into oestrogen. Also bacteria in​ fat cells produce oestrogenlike chemicals.
The hair needs a​ variety of​ nutrients to​ sustain itself. the​ theory is​ that both DHT and estrogenlike chemicals block the​ hair follicle by binding to​ it​ too tightly. Even without these chemicals,​ a​ person lacking in​ these nutrients will experience hair loss.
There have been experiments on​ mice which show the​ effect of​ a​ deficiency of​ certain vitamins or​ minerals. Scientists knocked out the​ genes in​ mice responsible for​ the​ regulation of​ the​ hair and scalp. These genes are in​ turn normally regulated by vitamin D. the​ result was rickets and hair loss with dermal cysts appearing quite early on. When scientists injected naturally nude mice with vitamin D,​ they started sprouting hair at​ an alarming rate.
It has been shown that copper and zinc,​ if​ lacking together,​ increase a​ loss of​ hair. in​ fact,​ a​ copper peptide was shown to​ induce hair growth in​ the​ skin around the​ wound of​ a​ person. the​ copper peptide was first used as​ healing accelerant.
For women,​ a​ lack of​ iron and the​ essential amino acid Llysine has been associated with losing one’s hair. This therapy has proven to​ be very beneficial for​ women who are losing their hair.

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