The Sweet Side Of Hair Removal Sugaring

The Sweet Side Of Hair Removal Sugaring

The Sweet Side of​ Hair Removal Sugaring
There are a​ number of​ hair removal methods available today. the​ most recent and modern is​ hair removal by laser treatments.
But Hair removal by laser treatments is​ also the​ most expensive of​ all hair removal methods and contrary to​ anything you​ may have heard or​ read in​ the​ past,​ laser treatments are not a​ form of​ permanent hair removal and do cause some unfortunate side effects,​ including scarring.
As a​ laser hair removal alternative,​ many people have chosen to​ wax their hair from different parts of​ their bodies. But unfortunately for​ some,​ even though they prefer the​ process,​ waxing can cause unpleasant side effects as​ well.
Sugaring is​ an alternative for​ people who have had unpleasant skin reactions such as​ redness or​ bumps with waxing hair removal.
One of​ the​ oldest hair removal methods,​ sugaring originated in​ ancient Egypt and continues to​ be very popular in​ Middle Eastern countries. Although recent research reveals that females the​ world over practice sugaring as​ their chosen method of​ hair removal.
The hair removal method of​ sugaring is​ most often used for​ legs,​ bikini lines,​ and eyebrows to​ be done only by a​ professional,​ but it​ is​ suitable for​ any part of​ the​ body,​ including the​ genital area.
Sugaring resembles the​ hair removal method of​ waxing,​ in​ that a​ warm mixture is​ slathered on​ the​ skin and then quickly removed,​ basically pulling hairs out by their roots.
Sugaring is​ supposedly a​ less painful hair removal method than waxing . . . Because the​ sugar paste adheres only to​ the​ hair,​ not the​ skin as​ with waxing. And because you​ roll it​ in​ your hands first,​ it​ can never scald the​ way a​ hot wax can.
A mixture of​ sugar,​ lemon juice,​ and water,​ heated to​ form a​ syrup,​ sugaring is​ hypoallergenic and an ideal hair removal method for​ sensitive skin.
But do test a​ small area first just to​ be sure you​ Don't have an allergic reaction.
Skin irritations are further reduced from sugaring hair removal because the​ sugar mixture wraps around the​ hairs and pulls them out by the​ roots leaving no stubble. you​ get super smooth skin.
Regrowth is​ slow so this method of​ hair removal lasts a​ few weeks,​ which is​ comparable to​ how long laser treatments last and so makes it​ a​ good laser hair removal alternative.
Today there are sugaring hair removal kits that have the​ proper proportions of​ sugar,​ lemon and water already combined. All you​ need to​ do is​ warm the​ sugaring mixture by placing it​ in​ hot water. When it​ becomes spreadable,​ simply apply it​ in​ the​ direction your hair grows,​ cover with cotton strips,​ allow it​ to​ cool and then pull the​ strips in​ the​ opposite direction of​ the​ hair growth.
Or you​ can make your own sugaring hair removal mixture.
Good for​ 2 3 sessions,​ this recipe includes ten rounded tablespoons sugar,​ one half of​ a​ lemon squeezed,​ taking care not to​ include any pulp,​ and 1 tablespoon water. Mix these all together in​ an old saucepan and stir until its completely smooth.
Stir constantly over the​ lowest heat. at​ first the​ sugar will become transparent and air bubbles will appear. Then the​ mixture will turn a​ golden brown and smell like caramel. Allow to​ bubble for​ about 10 minutes until much smaller air bubbles appear on​ the​ surface.
Remove the​ pan from the​ heat and allow to​ cool a​ bit. if​ it​ looks and feels like syrup,​ allow to​ cool a​ little longer. When the​ substance no longer sticks to​ your fingers,​ its ready.
For the​ best results,​ the​ hairs should be short. Pull the​ skin that youre going to​ treat taut and spread the​ sugaring paste onto it​ in​ the​ direction the​ hair grows. Then pull it​ back in​ one stroke.
Once the​ sugaring hair removal process is​ complete,​ youll feel sticky from what you​ didnt remove with your hands. a​ hot shower will take care of​ this because the​ paste is​ water soluble and warm water will easily melt and wash it​ away.
Its also a​ good idea to​ rinse the​ area with cold water to​ calm and tone the​ now agitated skin.
Sugaring hair removal is​ efficient and easy to​ clean up afterward. But,​ regardless which type of​ application you​ choose to​ use,​ it​ can be quite time consuming and messy.
If hair removal by sugaring doesnt sound like the​ laser hair removal alternative method for​ you,​ there are a​ number of​ other alternatives. Do some research and youre bound to​ discover a​ much more simple way to​ make hair removal sweet.

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