The Shape Of Writing Has Changed

The makers of​ the​ world's most recognized pencil continue to​ change the​ shape of​ writing. It's a​ triangular shaped pencil that eases writing stress by allowing maximum surface contact between the​ pencil and the​ fingers.

Ergonomic experts say the​ new three-sided pencil,​ called the​ Tri-Conderoga,​ is​ the​ world's most comfortable pencil. Larger than a​ normal No. 2 pencil,​ the​ triangular shape is​ more comfortable and easier for consumers to​ grip and use than traditional round or​ hexagonal-shaped pencils.

And with the​ wave of​ Sudoku raging the​ nation,​ the​ Tri-Conderoga is​ a​ natural choice for puzzle lovers everywhere.

Here are some facts that will sharpen your knowledge about pencils:

• More than two billion pencils are used in​ the​ United States every year.

• a​ pencil will write in​ zero gravity.

• the​ average pencil can be sharpened 17 times and can write 45,​000 words or​ draw a​ line 35 miles long.

• Seventy-five percent of​ the​ pencils sold in​ the​ United States are yellow.

• the​ Ticonderoga No. 2 is​ the​ world's best-selling pencil.

• Famous novelists Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck used pencils to​ write their books; Steinbeck used as​ many as​ 25 cedar pencils every day.

• One million pencils are used each year on​ the​ floor of​ the​ New York Stock Exchange.

• Pencils did not have erasers on​ them until 100 years ago,​ because teachers felt they would encourage children to​ make mistakes.

• Francis Scott Key wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner" in​ pencil.

The triangular-shaped Tri-Conderoga is​ like the​ familiar No. 2 pencil with style. it​ is​ made entirely of​ premium California incense cedar,​ has a​ "soft-touch" finish and sports a​ latex-free black eraser that ensures smudge-proof corrections.

The Tri-Conderoga is​ non-toxic and certified by the​ Pencil Manufacturers Association,​ making it​ safe for everyone. This new pencil is​ available at​ Staples stores throughout the​ country.

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