The Secrets To Writing For Your Niche

The Secrets To Writing For Your Niche

How do you attract your targeted niche market to​ your Virtual Assistance practice? Start by crafting a​ website that clearly reflects your ability to​ meet their needs.

Keep your target market and niche in​ mind when you're writing the​ content for your website. Don’t be afraid to​ identify your target market from the​ start.

You may choose to​ brand yourself as​ ‘The Author’s VA’ and build this title right into your header graphic and headlines. Everyone who visit’s the​ site will know that you specialize in​ serving authors. or​ you may have specialized in​ providing speedy service for urgent tasks so you’re branding might be ‘The Speedy VA” with a​ tag line of​ “Your business emergency is​ our first priority.” Visitors will know right away that you’re the​ answer to​ all their last minute administrative problems.

Your service descriptions will also need to​ be tailored to​ your niche. Describe just how you can be of​ special service to​ your target market. Let them know how your specialized knowledge can benefit their particular kind of​ business. Without trying to​ sound like you’re tooting your own horn,​ you do want to​ highlight your understanding of​ their industry.

Any testimonials that you share on​ the​ website should be from clients in​ your desired target market. if​ you have done work for others,​ it​ might be best to​ leave their testimonials off of​ the​ website in​ order to​ present a​ clear message about your niche. Ask your current clients to​ provide you with a​ testimonial that mentions how well they appreciate working with someone who has specialized.

Writing good web copy for your target market will set you apart from all the​ other VA's that don't – and that is​ just what you need. if​ you do this just right,​ you’ll convince your potential client that you are the​ perfect VA for them.

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