The Secret To Writing Success

The Secret To Writing Success

I have a​ friend who has enjoyed a​ long successful career as​ a​ published novelist. More than once we​ took part in​ the​ same panel at​ a​ writer's conference. Whenever it​ came time to​ field questions from the​ audience I came to​ expect -- actually anticipate -- that some bright-eyed,​ eager novice would direct a​ particular question at​ my friend. it​ wasn't so much the​ question that I anticipated as​ her answer.

The question would always be some variation of​ "What is​ the​ secret to​ your success?" we​ all knew it​ would happen and we​ would always sit back and let my friend handle it. Not only because she was the​ most successful among us,​ but because she had the​ best answer.

My friend would always play to​ the​ audience. She'd lean forward conspiratorially,​ check to​ make sure the​ doors were closed,​ and swear the​ audience to​ secrecy. Then she'd repeat the​ question and pause for a​ few dramatic heartbeats and answer: "The BIC Method!"

Those of​ us in​ on​ the​ secret would begin to​ grin at​ this point,​ but it​ wasn't until she explained the​ BIC method that the​ other writers would get the​ joke. You see BIC stands very simply for Butt in​ Chair.

Yes,​ her writing success is​ that simple. Placing her bottom on​ the​ chair in​ front of​ her computer and writing every day -- whether or​ not she was in​ the​ mood,​ whether or​ not she was motivated,​ whether or​ not she was inspired,​ and whether or​ not she had a​ paid writing gig.

Regular writing improves the​ quality of​ your writing by giving you the​ chance to​ hone your skills and experiment with new methods. Writing regularly also generates greater quantity -- in​ two ways. First,​ obviously simply disciplining yourself to​ generate two or​ four or​ ten pages a​ day will quickly add up in​ quantity,​ but the​ more disciplined you become about this regular production the​ easier it​ will be to​ achieve your minimum and you can keep step up your daily goal accordingly.

Improving the​ quality of​ your writing and generating more writing projects gives you that much more to​ market to​ the​ reading and publishing public and therefore increases your chances of​ writing success.

It really is​ that simple and it​ really isn't a​ secret. Most successful writers know the​ BIC method is​ key to​ their success.

Of course some of​ those eager-beaver beginners don't want to​ believe in​ the​ BIC method because it​ actually involves work and discipline. They'd rather believe it​ was as​ simple as​ dreaming up a​ catchy pseudonym. But if​ you have become a​ writer because you love it​ then the​ BIC method is​ the​ best possible news. Simply keep on​ doing what you love and you can make your dreams come true.

The Secret To Writing Success

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