The Secret To Marketing Your Fsbo Home For Sale

The Secret to​ Marketing Your FSBO Home For Sale
You’re ready to​ put your home or​ land (house,​ townhouse,​ condo,​ apartment,​ farm,​ ranch,​ finished lot,​ raw land,​ etc.) on​ the​ market as​ a​ FSBO (for sale by owner) .​
You’ve priced your property appropriately and gotten it​ ready to​ show .​
How are you​ going to​ market it​ so that it​ gets exposure to​ enough potential buyers to​ actually sell?
In some parts of​ the​ county,​ the​ real estate market is​ so hot that you​ need do little more than buy a​ for sale by owner sign at​ the​ nearest hardware store .​
Simply put it​ in​ a​ prominent position on​ the​ front of​ your house and stand back.
In other areas,​ a​ great deal more marketing is​ needed,​ but a​ for sale by owner sign is​ a​ good place to​ start .​
Directional signs (home for sale with an​ arrow) at​ intersections leading the​ way to​ your property are useful,​ too,​ if​ your location lends itself to​ that.
Classified Ads
A classified ad in​ your local newspaper is​ a​ good idea and is​ generally not expensive .​
a​ short ad repeated a​ number of​ times is​ apt to​ be more effective than a​ long ad run once,​ or​ only a​ few,​ times.
Bulletin Boards/Posters
Are there bulletin boards where you​ work? in​ neighborhood shops and restaurants? At your church? Any place you,​ or​ members of​ your family,​ frequent that has something like a​ bulletin board is​ a​ good place to​ post notices of​ your property’s availability .​
If you​ have the​ use of​ a​ digital camera and a​ computer,​ you​ might want to​ do a​ one-page poster with several photos of​ your house,​ a​ description and contact information .​
Consider having tear-off strips at​ the​ bottom with your phone number repeated on​ each strip.
Magazines & Community Publications
You may want to​ check the​ cost of​ putting an​ ad in​ For Sale By Owner type magazines .​
Most communities have such magazines and you​ don’t have to​ be a​ realtor to​ buy an​ ad.
Brochures or​ one-page flyers can also be a​ useful method for marketing your home .​
You can use the​ same one you​ made for bulletin boards or​ you​ can expand on​ it​ a​ bit .​
Use more photos,​ have captions under them identifying the​ rooms,​ garden areas,​ tennis court,​ community club,​ pool and other benefits to​ buying your home.
There are several things you​ can do to​ get your brochures in​ front of​ the​ public .​
You can buy a​ brochure holder (typically,​ a​ plastic box with a​ hinged lid on​ a​ stick which gets planted in​ the​ ground near the​ curb in​ front of​ your home) from the​ hardware store .​
Plant it​ in​ a​ prominent place in​ front of​ your home and keep it​ stocked with brochures.
Don’t get annoyed when noisy neighbors pick up your brochures .​
Your neighbors can afford homes priced similarly to​ yours .​
They probably have family and friends whom they’d enjoy as​ neighbors who can afford this price range,​ too .​
Smile when you​ see a​ neighbor picking up a​ brochure; another marketing ambassador is​ on​ its way.
Also keep a​ supply of​ brochures in​ your home to​ give to​ prospective buyers who come to​ look at​ it .​
People looking for a​ new home usually look at​ a​ more than one property,​ and can get overwhelmed with too many properties .​
is​ this the​ one with the​ built-in book cases or​ was it​ the​ one across town? the​ house whose best features go with them via a​ brochure with color photos and salient information is​ memorable .​
Buyers tend to​ write contract offers on​ properties they remember and can visualize.
Consider taking your brochures to​ your peers at​ work .​
After all,​ you​ find it​ convenient to​ live in​ your home and work there; might your associates know someone who’d find it​ a​ similarly pleasant arrangement? Ask them.
There are several Internet sites on​ which FSBOs may list their properties for sale .​
Some of​ these permit sellers to​ include photos,​ information about Open Houses they’re holding,​ etc .​
Prices for this service varies .​
Try or​ go to​ your favorite search engine and check out a​ few.
Open Houses
That brings up the​ notion of​ Open Houses .​
In many areas,​ sales frequently take place because of​ an​ Open House attended by potential buyers .​
If you​ are in​ a​ location with good traffic,​ an​ open house can be an​ excellent tool .​
You can promote your Open House in​ any,​ or​ all,​ of​ the​ venues we’ve discussed above .​
It’s also often effective to​ install an​ Open House sign with helium balloons tied on​ with bright ribbons on​ the​ day of​ the​ Open House.
Whether you​ use a​ realtor or​ sell your home on​ your own,​ marketing it​ is​ going to​ be the​ key to​ getting a​ quick sale .​
It takes some time and access to​ a​ few tools,​ but most sellers can put together a​ successful marketing program.

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