The Scion Brand True Innovation In Marketing

The Scion Brand True Innovation In Marketing

The Scion brand is​ truly a​ marketing innovation come true for its umbrella company Toyota based out of​ Aichi,​ Japan. Their subsidiary brand has catered to​ a​ target market previously ignored by other car manufacturers; it​ has literally revolutionized the​ car industry with its new youth oriented Scion brand. the​ company's brand is​ both unique and exciting in​ two ways: it​ offers customization options not seen any where else and it​ has become a​ "magnet" for younger consumers. in​ fact,​ Toyota's Scion brand has the​ youngest audience of​ any automaker: the​ average age of​ its driver is​ only 31.

The company's Scion website is​ a​ marketing feat in​ and of​ itself. Dozens of​ modified Scion TC photo shots enthrall the​ organization's flashy website. Scion also seems to​ make great use of​ their site by showing their cars "tricked out" and not just stock in​ order to​ give potential customers the​ ability to​ envision what a​ Scion could like after customization. From larger rims and wheels,​ to​ colorful paint jobs and body kits,​ they literally have an​ endless portrayal of​ customization possibilities for their Scion vehicles. What’s even more interesting is​ that Scion even owns a​ separate Scion parts website dedicated just to​ aftermarket parts ranging from body kits to​ performance parts. Very few car manufacturers have catered exclusively to​ aftermarket car tuners like Scion has,​ and the​ company has surely reaped many rewards as​ a​ result.

Scion's lead selling car,​ the​ Scion TC,​ portrays exactly what youth buyers are looking for; this entails an​ affordable vehicle that offers value,​ styling,​ and "after market" customization options that are available from the​ dealer. One of​ the​ vehicle's coolest standard features,​ however,​ is​ the​ panorama moonroof. This option offers great interior appeal,​ and is​ a​ standard feature not found on​ many vehicles under the​ base MSRP of​ $25,​000. in​ addition,​ the​ vehicle also sports stylish alloy. Buyers can add on​ numerous options straight from the​ dealer such as:

* neon underglow lights
* Scion TC body kits
* superchargers
* door sills
* carbon fiber b pillars
* & more (all from the​ dealer).

While this is​ a​ very fast growing brand,​ Toyota is​ not looking for there Scion brand to​ gain mass appeal. Marketing managers state that the​ company will continue to​ innovate and focus on​ continuing to​ satisfy the​ demands and needs of​ younger auto consumers. They plan on​ continuing to​ fulfill the​ needs of​ the​ youth target market and simultaneously improve their product line by adding new standard features,​ improvements,​ and optional upgrades over time. Scion is​ also planning to​ continue expanding their product line with newer vehicles such as​ the​ recently released XD. I'm assuming that all of​ there new products will continue to​ build upon the​ past success of​ their flagship TC,​ while simultaneously offering new options,​ creative and innovative body styling,​ and countless aesthetic upgrades.

The Scion Brand True Innovation In Marketing

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