The Ride Of Your Life Who's Driving

The Ride Of Your Life Who's Driving

One of​ the biggest challenges that most people face in​ the exiting times we live in, is​ the feeling that their lives are just spiralling out of​ control. They feel like the events and​ circumstances of​ their lives have lead them along a​ torturous route and​ that they have no control over all the misfortunes and​ wrong doings that brought them to​ this​ moment in​ time.

The truth is​ that your​ life will not change until and​ unless you​ assume full responsibility for​ it. Responsibility, or​ your​ ability to​ respond, is​ not a​ way of​ accepting some form of​ blame as​ most people think, but rather a​ way of​ accepting your​ ability to​ respond to​ any situation. it​ is​ absolutely critical to​ realize and​ accept that it​ is​ never the actual events of​ your​ life but only your​ responses to​ these events that will shape and​ create your​ life. you​ are never the creature of​ circumstances and​ you​ have the ultimate ability to​ consciously decide what things mean and​ how to​ respond to​ it. you​ are the only one that can and​ the only one that will take you​ where you​ want to​ go in​ your​ life.

Responsibility is​ not some skill you​ need to​ go and​ find outside of​ yourself but it​ is​ something you​ already possess. All you​ need to​ do is​ to​ assume this​ power that calls on​ you​ to​ stop blaming any and​ everything other than yourself. Most of​ us have been conditioned to​ blame someone else for​ the parts of​ our lives that don't work. When you​ take full responsibility for​ your​ life you​ put yourself back in​ charge; you​ get back in​ behind the wheel of​ your​ life and​ now you​ have the ability to​ control and​ direct your​ life the way you​ choose to. Ultimately it​ is​ not the conditions of​ your​ life but rather the decisions about what things mean and​ what you​ are going to​ do about it​ that will create the real conditions of​ your​ life.

When you​ are fully responsible you​ recognize that you​ are the creator of​ your​ life. at​ some level you​ were responsible. if​ not by your​ conscious actions, then by the meanings and​ emotions you​ attached to​ the events and​ experiences. Only when you​ accept responsibility for​ creating everything in​ your​ life can you​ start to​ un-create and​ re-create it​ the way you​ truly want. if​ you​ keep blaming someone or​ something else you​ will remain​ bound because you​ will always rely on​ something or​ someone else to​ be responsible for​ the way you​ feel and​ ultimately someone else will be responsible for​ the state of​ your​ life. you​ have to​ consciously unfold your​ arms, get out of​ the back seat and​ get back behind the wheel and​ start directing your​ life towards where you​ want it​ to​ go, instead of​ just going with the flow.

See, there are only two real choices in​ life, the one conscious and​ the other unconscious: you​ can either choose to​ be directed by the events and​ circumstances of​ life and​ let the river of​ life take you​ wherever it's going or​ you​ can have both your​ hands on​ the steering wheel and​ decide that you​ are in​ full control. you​ get to​ decide where you​ go. Although you​ can't control all the events of​ your​ life, you​ can always decide what the events mean to​ you​ and​ how you​ are going to​ respond. Whenever anything happens to​ you, you​ have to​ respond to​ it​ in​ order to​ create the outcome. Most people have fallen into the cultural hypnosis that just passes the responsibility on​ to​ someone else. this​ is​ why their lives feel out of​ control, because it​ is. They have not taken responsibility.

you​ create your​ world. When you​ assume your​ responsibility you​ are in​ charge and​ this​ is​ an​ internal shift in​ your​ thinking and​ behaviour. your​ psychology is​ not just a​ big part of​ your​ life but it​ is​ "everything." Winning and​ loosing in​ life is​ an​ internal game. By learning to​ control and​ direct your​ mind you​ get to​ choose what things mean and​ therefore you​ get to​ choose your​ response, also known as​ your​ responsibility. No one can ever give you​ responsibility. it​ is​ an​ internal process and​ a​ switch that only you​ can turn on​ or​ off.

Being fully responsible doesn't mean you​ live in​ blame and​ self pity. it​ means that you​ live life from a​ place of​ power where you​ know that on​ some level you​ are fully responsible for​ what happened and​ you​ will be responsible for​ everything that is​ to​ come. Be careful how you​ utilize your​ past experiences. With responsibility comes a​ new emotional territory that reinvents your​ past. you​ want to​ use your​ past as​ a​ place to​ learn from and​ a​ place to​ pull pleasure from. Right, wrong or​ indifferent, there is​ a​ gift in​ there somewhere. you​ just need to​ find it. It's never too late to​ have a​ happy childhood – you​ have the ability (and​ response-ability) to​ find an​ empowering meaning in​ whatever life gives you.

Responsibility means that you​ are in​ charge. you​ call the shots. Nobody and​ nothing is​ in​ control and​ to​ blame other than you. this​ is​ how you​ turn problems into opportunities and​ how an​ ordinary life becomes extraordinary. Helen Keller, who was both blind and​ deaf, said that life is​ either a​ daring adventure or​ nothing. What is​ it​ going to​ be for​ you? you​ can either let the environment steer your​ life or​ you​ can get behind the wheel and​ take responsibility for​ every aspect of​ your​ life. Life is​ one amazing adventure, but only if​ you​ perceive it​ as​ that. By being responsible you​ can take yourself anywhere you​ want to​ go because you​ are the only one who gets to​ steer your​ ship and​ direct the course. you​ can't control the wind but you​ can most certainly direct your​ sails.

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