The Reason Behind Duplication Marketing Your Cd

The Reason Behind Duplication Marketing Your Cd

The Reason Behind Duplication: Marketing Your CD
That's right,​ you're not done yet .​
I'm sure you've done all of​ the​ rehearsing,​ arranging,​ recording,​ engineering and finally the​ duplication process .​
You've officially passed through the​ first step of​ being able to​ get your CD completed .​
Your next step is​ to​ get it​ even further into the​ public so that you​ can start to​ make back what you​ need from all of​ your hard work .​
Before you​ begin to​ duplicate your CD,​ you​ should think about your next step .​
This will help you​ to​ determine how many CDs you​ will need as​ well as​ what types of​ things you​ can use them for .​

Marketing and selling your CD is​ something that should become the​ priority at​ the​ end of​ the​ project .​
There are several portals and areas that will help musicians to​ find the​ right way to​ effectively sell their CDs and to​ allow them to​ become a​ main staple in​ their musician adventures .​
you​ will want to​ make sure that you​ get into as​ many portals as​ you​ can so that you​ can begin to​ get your name out into the​ public and make a​ return on​ the​ large investment you've made with your musicianship .​

Many musicians consider their CD as​ the​ main promotional product .​
If you​ are performing,​ rehearsing or​ are out in​ public as​ a​ musician,​ you​ can use your CD as​ a​ way for people to​ remember you​ and to​ market yourself as​ a​ musician .​
No matter what musician activity you​ are doing,​ the​ CD should be available .​
This is​ one of​ the​ easiest ways to​ build a​ fan base,​ reputation and to​ make back your investment from the​ CD .​
If you​ don't have performances set up,​ find ways to​ get them set up so that people know you​ are out there .​

Along these lines,​ you​ can also consider teaming up with other musicians or​ interested individuals in​ the​ area .​
Most have heard of​ street teams .​
These help you​ to​ build a​ reputation and to​ get your name out into the​ public .​
They can use your CD in​ order to​ help promote you​ .​
With other musicians,​ you​ can do this same thing .​
If they are performing,​ ask them to​ sell your CD and you​ can do the​ same thing with their music when the​ time comes .​
These types of​ connections are invaluable with the​ bulk of​ CDs that you​ now have .​

Another way to​ get your CD sold is​ to​ look into online portals .​
Places like CD Baby or​ CD Bathtub offer small set up fees to​ help you​ promote your CD to​ the​ public .​
you​ can also move into more mainstream areas,​ such as​ Amazon or​ online CD marketplaces .​
These areas include download options as​ well and the​ ability to​ only send a​ small amount of​ CDs at​ one time so that they can start selling to​ those who are interested in​ your music .​
Make sure that you​ set aside 20-30 CDs to​ distribute to​ these areas so that you​ can begin to​ get your name around the​ Internet .​

Another space to​ consider is​ the​ local areas that sell CDs .​
Many of​ the​ smaller stores will allow you​ to​ place your CD into their area for a​ small commission .​
you​ can typically find the​ places that are in​ your local area that will accept musical CDs from local artists .​
Depending on​ the​ store,​ you​ won't have to​ bring in​ a​ large quantity of​ CDs and you​ most likely won't have to​ pay money up front .​
If anything,​ this will help you​ to​ gain the​ reputation that you​ want .​

If you​ want to​ move outside of​ the​ box a​ little more,​ than you​ can find other types of​ community functions which would help to​ promote your CD .​
There are several networking spaces and areas that can work as​ invitational areas to​ sell your CD .​
the​ more networks you​ have,​ the​ more opportunities you​ will have to​ get your CD into the​ right hands .​

If you​ begin to​ process the​ ways that you​ want to​ sell your CD,​ it​ will make the​ duplication process easier,​ as​ you​ will be able to​ determine what type of​ run you​ will need to​ do with the​ CDs and will be able to​ set goals with what you​ desire to​ do with your CDs .​
When you​ look at​ the​ duplication process this way,​ the​ option for duplication is​ one that is​ based around your capabilities of​ promoting yourself as​ a​ musician .​

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