The Real Value Of Online Marketing Tools Those Freebies

The Real Value Of Online Marketing Tools Those Freebies

The other day I happened upon a​ site where I was invited to​ subscribe to​ the​ webmaster's ezine. All good and well and of​ course good marketing to​ have a​ subscribe page and way of​ capturing visitors emails on​ your site. But the​ webmaster purported to​ say that the​ newsletter had a​ value of​ $399 but I would be one of​ the​ lucky ones and get it​ for free.

Well I produce a​ newsletter and I think it​ is​ fairly good quality so what value would I put on​ that...certainly not $399,​ and I would have no idea what to​ value it​ at,​ after all only the​ subscriber can properly put a​ perceived value on​ the​ ezine they receive. So how can this other ezine have a​ value of​ $399?

And what about all these ebooks which apparently have a​ resale value of​ $47,​ or​ $97 or​ more. Who are you​ going to​ get to​ buy these ebooks when everywhere you​ look the​ same ebooks are being given out for know the​ ones - 'Million Dollar Emails',​ 'Scientific Advertising',​ 'Magic Letters' and so on....

Many websites and sales pages will attempt to​ persuade you​ to​ buy their product by throwing in​ a​ large number of​ bonuses.....worth hundreds of​ dollars of​ course and what are they,​ the​ same old ebooks again. And while some of​ these ebooks are actually worth reading,​ they now have no real value as​ they are distributed for free everywhere you​ look.

If you​ want to​ get someone to​ signup for your newsletter or​ buy your product or​ service you​ need to​ offer something of​ real value...something they cannot get hold of​ anywhere else,​ or​ certainly not for the​ price you​ are offering it​ at.

If you​ produce a​ newsletter or​ report,​ don't place a​ fictious value on​ it​ that cannot be backed up. We are so used to​ having freebies,​ bonuses,​ extras etc pushed in​ our faces that they no longer really work and to​ stand out from the​ crowd,​ you​ need to​ be different. Stick to​ real quality,​ proper value and you​ will get subscribers,​ sales and signups.

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