The Promise Of SEO Marketing

SEO is​ considered the​ most important aspect of​ getting a​ higher page rank even today after Google’s page rank upgrade has been introduced. Most web site owners/administrators either hire SEO experts or​ do it​ themselves. SEO has become so common that it​ seems that everyone from a​ content writer to​ a​ graphic designer knows how to​ work on​ SEO and how it​ can affect the​ overall ranking of​ your web site on​ Google or​ secondary search engines.

The first and foremost thing that you​ should look at​ while hiring an​ SEO expert is​ how well they have ranked their own website. There are many web site owners out there who would agree that they have fallen into the​ trap of​ big SEO promises at​ least once. Every SEO firm promises your website a​ good ranking on​ Google but how many of​ them can truly keep the​ promise is​ a​ different story. There are many websites whose targeted phrases are not even ranked forget about the​ ranking of​ the​ entire website or​ a​ web page.

So the​ thumb rule is​ check their website ranking before you​ choose to​ fall for their promise of​ SEO. There are some SEO firms who are new or​ don’t have their website yet. For such firms,​ you​ can always check their past records and if​ you​ get any good references from other website owners/their previous clients then that will hold its weight.

One of​ the​ other things you​ need to​ do especially in​ the​ light of​ the​ matter that SEO firms seems to​ be coming up everywhere is​ research. Do background research of​ the​ individual,​ the​ firm and their previous clients and SEO deliveries.

The Promise

If your web site is​ new,​ is​ in​ a​ high competition market or​ industry and if​ the​ SEO firm tells you​ that they can get your website top Google rankings within 60 days,​ then you​ should not sign up with the​ firm. This is​ simply because either they have no idea whatsoever of​ SEO or​ they are saying it​ to​ lure you. to​ avoid wastage of​ money and time and to​ avoid the​ frustration later on,​ you​ should avoid such a​ firm completely.

A straight-forward or​ top of​ the​ line SEO firm will always provide you​ with realistic expectations that can span over many months and even years depending on​ your market,​ the​ competition and scope. if​ you​ have a​ new web site that is​ competing in​ a​ market with moderate competition then a​ good ranking in​ 6 months is​ sound promise but the​ same time frame will not be possible in​ a​ high competition market.

SEO services

It is​ necessary that you​ ask your SEO firm what all will be included in​ the​ SEO package before you​ sign the​ deal. it​ is​ not necessary for you​ to​ receive a​ complete breakdown of​ each SEO activity but a​ broad understanding is​ essential. a​ SEO firm should ideally inform you​ about the​ areas of​ your website that will be changed to​ enable SEO and how they will carry on​ with the​ process of​ link building.

Most of​ the​ top level or​ good SEO firms will live their promises and provide ample proof of​ what they are saying and what they are planning to​ do. Some of​ the​ top level SEO firms even provide a​ guarantee although not all of​ them do it. Not providing a​ written guarantee doesn’t mean that a​ particular SEO firm is​ not good. the​ reputation of​ a​ SEO firm in​ the​ market is​ in​ itself a​ huge guarantee. So if​ you​ are signing up with a​ top level firm with a​ reputation to​ back it​ then you​ can be rest assured that they will back up what ever they promise to​ deliver in​ the​ SEO package and within the​ mentioned time frame.

There are time when you​ might end up being on​ the​ wrong track since it​ is​ not always easy to​ determine if​ your SEO company is​ as​ good as​ it​ claims to​ be. There are some SEO firms who have had a​ great record but off late their performances have gone down. So if​ you​ are not aware of​ their recent client feedbacks and if​ you​ go by their past client feedbacks then you​ might end up being on​ the​ losing side of​ the​ deal.

SEO is​ an​ important aspect but to​ deal with it​ better,​ you​ need to​ first get an​ understanding of​ what it​ really is​ and how it​ can actually help your web site. When you​ are informed enough,​ you​ will be able to​ take the​ right decision.

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