The Power Workout

The Power Workout

The Power Workout
Not enough hours in​ the​ day? Feeling the​ crunch when it​ comes to​ finding time for just your own needs? if​ exercise is​ important to​ you,​ you might do well to​ consider the​ following
Scenario I ​ really want to​ get in​ shape,​ but I ​ work all day and attend multimedia classes until 830. How do I ​ find the​ time to​ exercise,​ and what are a​ few good exercises for beginners like me? Solution Finding time to​ exercise is​ certainly a​ challenge. Even the​ most motivated among us suffer setbacks during our businesss busy season or​ when a​ new project is​ on​ the​ horizon. the​ key to​ fitting fitness into your busy day is​ to​ recognize that finding time isnt the​ issueits making time.
You may be surprised to​ hear that you can enjoy the​ benefits of​ a​ regular exercise program in​ as​ little as​ three hours per week.
The following routine shows you how
Monday Halfhour of​ jogging,​ biking on​ hills or​ other intense aerobic exercise you enjoy
Tuesday Halfhour of​ strength training squats,​ situps and pushups for beginners; weight training with machines or​ dumbbells for the​ more experienced
Wednesday Rest day
Thursday Repeat Monday
Friday Repeat Tuesday
Saturday One hour of​ exerciseany type of​ exercise. Go rollerblading with a​ friend,​ take the​ family to​ the​ hills for a​ hike or​ swim laps at​ the​ pool.
Sunday Rest day
Make your workouts more timeefficient by exercising harder. For example,​ you can walk two miles in​ a​ halfhour,​ or​ you can run four miles in​ a​ halfhour. You can spend an hour in​ step aerobics class,​ or​ you can spend 20 minutes rowing at​ the​ highest resistance level on​ the​ rowing machine. When you perform strengthtraining exercises,​ use a​ challenging resistance and move quickly through your exercises to​ get an aerobic benefit.
If you want to​ commit to​ getting fit,​ exercise must become a​ part of​ your lifea habit as​ regular as​ brushing your teeth. Try these ideas to​ help you stay on​ track
*Make a​ log of​ everything you do for a​ week,​ and identify the​ time slots where you can fit in​ exercise. Did you spend a​ Saturday afternoon watching the​ Back to​ the​ Future trilogy for the​ fifth time? Could you manage to​ get up a​ halfhour earlier on​ the​ weekdays? Just skip an hour of​ television time and go to​ bed earlier.
*Make exercise convenient. Find a​ place to​ work out thats close to​ your home or​ office. if​ youre disciplined and have the​ space,​ work out at​ home.
*Develop relationships with supportive people. Join an exercise class or​ go to​ the​ gym with friends. if​ you skip a​ class,​ your friends will hold you accountable.
*Exercise at​ the​ right time. the​ right time is​ when youre most likely to​ do it. if​ you know your day often ends late or​ meetings come up suddenly,​ its best to​ schedule your workout for first thing in​ the​ morning when nothing can interfere. if​ youre a​ night owl,​ fit your workout in​ before dinner. if​ you can only manage a​ 10minute walk on​ your lunch hourdo it. Some exercise is​ better than none.
Benefits of​ Exercise
Need more motivation to​ get fit? Consider the​ following benefits of​ exercise
*Exercise increases your stamina and strength.
*Exercise improves your heart and lung efficiency.
*Exercise gives your body greater resistance to​ disease,​ stress,​ anxiety and fatigue.
*Exercise gives you more energy and enhances your capacity for work and leisure activities.
*Exercise releases hormones that stimulate the​ brain,​ helping to​ clear your mind,​ see things from a​ new perspective,​ and come up with fresh ideas.
So make an appointment with yourself to​ get some exercise. Your bodyand your businesswill thank you for it.

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