The Power Of Self Esteem

The Power Of Self Esteem

Why are there so many women haunted by a​ low self-esteem ?

I have shared many thoughts through out my articles on​ feelings, jealousy, worries, fears, and​ self-esteem. Every day I receive mail from all over the world from women suffering from a​ lack of​ inner power to​ get through the day, due to​ a​ low self-esteem. it​ does not only affect their relationships at​ home, it​ also follows them into their work place, where they are being suffocated from a​ lack of​ confidence.
in​ the work place the power of​ self-esteem needs to​ be high so that ones confidence can guide them through actions such as: important decision​ making, dealings with an​ opposite sex boss, office politics, other staff members trying to​ gain​ on​ your​ efforts, talking to​ clients or​ customers on​ the phone or​ in​ person, dealing with rejection​ regarding your​ work, and​ even things as​ simple as​ fitting into the social side of​ your​ job (making friends). People deal with this​ everyday, and​ when they are suffering inside, their power of​ self-esteem is​ definitely very low. Then they still have to​ deal with the rest of​ their day. It's no wonder the corner bar looks like a​ nice hide-away.
There are two parts to​ the meaning of​ the power of​ self-esteem:

1: self-acceptance, which is​ an​ appreciation​ of​ ones worth as​ a​ human being.

2: self-confidence, the knowing that you​ are competent enough to​ use your​ gifts to​ their fullest.

to​ have the power of​ self-esteem, one must be able to​ feel both emotions in​ a​ positive manner.
Through ones life, they have learned through negative experiences to​ doubt themselves, to​ fear criticism and​ ridicule. They have also learned to​ cut themselves down at​ a​ glance of​ someone else they deem to​ be richer, prettier, or​ smarter. They eventually lose the power of​ self-esteem.
We can run through our past, over and​ over and​ over again. We can bang our heads on​ the wall, we can create eating disorders in​ ourselves, we can cut up our bodies just to​ feel something, or​ we can even turn away from everyone we love and​ cherish for​ fear they may just find that one tiny keyhole to​ unlock our self-pity trap we are in. We can do just about anything to​ not find the strength to​ gain​ back the power of​ self-esteem. it​ is​ after all the easy road to​ take, is​ it​ not? to​ fail, to​ cry out for​ sympathy, to​ get attention, even if​ it​ is​ the wrong attention. I have learned one very important thing in​ all my work through helping women gain​ the power of​ self-esteem, no matter how many times you​ see someone prettier, skinnier, richer, taller, smarter, happier, better spoken, or​ with a​ colgate smile you​ envy, the sun will come up tomorrow with or​ without you. your​ worries and​ self-pity caused by your​ weakness to​ control the power of​ self-esteem that is​ inside of​ you. it​ is​ waiting to​ be used as​ the gift that you​ were born with. you​ can spend hours hurting and​ suffering inside because you​ are not, or​ cannot be who you​ think you​ should have been. you​ must stop allowing yourself to​ feel threatened by the world. When your​ mind feels threatened, it​ will automatically react to​ protect you. this​ is​ where your​ thoughts and​ your​ actions collide. Confusion​ becomes part of​ your​ thinking now and​ this​ is​ when the negative emotions take over fast and​ furious. Into the pit, you​ go.
The ability to​ shift your​ focus to​ positive mental thoughts during stress is​ the most important link needed to​ escape any emotional trap we fall into. The power of​ self-esteem is​ all about your​ first thought and​ how you​ deal with it. it​ is​ at​ that split second that you​ have to​ decide to​ think positively or​ just plain​ toss it​ out of​ your​ head. Tossing negative thoughts is​ something I have mentioned before,"HABITS".
your​ goal is​ to​ offset the mind-body reaction​ to​ the stresses we are constantly forced to​ deal with through society. The power of​ self-esteem can be gained if​ you​ really want it. I know that I have filled my website and​ my articles with everything from A-Z on​ steps to​ get you​ there.
Women are still in​ constant belief that only over weight woman, or​ not so pretty woman (by society`s standards) are at​ risk of​ losing the power of​ self-esteem.
Again​ I repeat this​ over and​ over, please read ,"Why Do Pretty Girls Cry". It's all there. I speak of​ the pretty girls, and​ society`s way of​ convincing you​ that only ugly girls cry. I know that is​ a​ harsh statement, but I am trying to​ get through to​ every person​ on​ earth that the power of​ self-esteem is​ in​ each and​ everyone of​ us. We are all born with it. Yes we all have our reasons for​ our weaknesses. OK, now that we know that, lets move on. How can we fight off the negative thoughts that bring us down? Through my thoughts in​ my website and​ blogs, you​ can educate yourself and​ learn to​ improve your​ thinking habits. it​ is​ possible, but not easy at​ all. That is​ the reason​ so many of​ you​ fail to​ gain​ the power of​ self-esteem. you​ have no consistent learning strength. you​ fear anything that takes time and​ dedication.
Then why is​ it​ that you​ will search endlessly through every search engine for​ ways to​ get you​ through this​ hell you​ are in, pay a​ nonsensical amount of​ money to​ a​ therapist to​ tell you​ what you​ already know, cut yourself, or​ make your​ body suffer through eating disorders, not to​ mention​ put yourself and​ your​ friends in​ so much turmoil over your​ inability to​ create better mind over matter habits? Can you​ see what I see there? I see that you​ do have the power of​ self-esteem. you​ do have the patience, the will and​ the strength to​ shine. you​ do not need to​ worry about anything. you​ choose to​ worry and​ you​ allow the negative thoughts. Ask yourself the next time you​ feel threatened, "if​ I do not stop this​ negative thought, will it​ change who I am, or​ make me that of​ which I envy?" NOT and​ NO!!!!! Please realize this, only you​ are suffering in​ that pit. Only you​ are losing out on​ all the smiles that life has right at​ your​ reach. you​ are in​ control of​ your​ happiness. you​ can toss off all those comments or​ remarks. you​ can turn your​ back on​ someones else's weakness or​ problems that may cause you​ to​ feel less than who you​ really are. Let them suffer in​ their own stupidity. No one can threaten you, but you. Do this​ also when you​ feel the challenge of​ negative versus positive thinking:









Trust me here, the more you​ create this​ habit, my friends, the easier it​ becomes. Like anything else worth having in​ life, it​ is​ not going to​ come easy, but it​ does come and​ it​ is​ oh so sweet!!!!!!


"you​ cannot stop the birds of​ sorrow from flying over your​ head,

but you​ can stop them from building their nests in​ your​ hair."

-Chinese Proverb

Dorothy Lafrinere

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