The Power Of A Marketing And Sales System

The Power of​ a​ Marketing and Sales System
Where Do Most of​ Your Clients Come From?
When I​ meet people for the​ first time and they understand that I'm a​ marketing consultant,​ I'm frequently asked,​ Where do most of​ your clients come from? Many times I​ believe the​ question is​ asked innocently enough .​
But,​ quite often I​ feel like the​ person asking wants to​ know if​ I​ have a​ magic answer that might work for them.
Most small business owners are passionate about the​ services they provide - not the​ marketing it​ takes to​ consistently find more clients .​
Many service businesses will admit that they're not really sure what works best or​ how to​ get going with marketing.
The result is​ usually a​ scatter gu​n approach .​
I​ refer to​ it​ as​ episodic marketing .​
It is​ characterized by a​ series of​ unfocused and hastily-planned,​ one-shot episodes (or campaigns) .​
a​ common example is​ throwing together a​ tri-fold brochure that you​ can start mailing or​ handing out to​ everyone you​ meet,​ or​ sending out a​ direct mail piece to​ try and stir up some interest.
Typically,​ the​ motivation for these marketing episodes is​ a​ slow down in​ business .​
And then when business picks up,​ you​ quickly scrap the​ current campaign (until the​ next slow down).
No System,​ No Consistency
What's missing for most small service businesses is​ a​ system to​ break marketing down into a​ series of​ connected small steps .​
a​ marketing system is​ the​ key to​ generate a​ consistent supply of​ leads and convert them into new clients.
So Where Do Most of​ Your Clients Come From?
For me,​ the​ answer is​ that they are coming as​ a​ result of​ my ABCD Growth Marketing System .​
The same system I'm using to​ help teach my clients how to​ get better,​ more consistent results from their marketing is​ the​ system I'm using to​ build my own business.
Having a​ system allows me to​ dependably follow simple,​ but proven and effective processes to​ consistently generate leads and convert them into more business.
It is​ not a​ result of​ one or​ two great ideas or​ strategies .​
It's breaking marketing and sales down into a​ series of​ connected strategies and tactics to​ gain attention from prospects and help them to​ become clients .​
The system helps move prospects forward that are ready to​ say Yes,​ and lets those who are not motivated or​ ready to​ make the​ investment move on.
Why Do you​ Need a​ System?
If you​ don't have a​ marketing and sales system,​ you'll never be able to​ grow your business to​ its full potential.
Most businesses address their primary business functions with systems .​
You have your billing system,​ accounting system,​ payroll system,​ and time management system .​
It's likely you​ have systems to​ manage client or​ project work .​
One primary business function that seems to​ go without a​ system is​ Marketing.
There's a​ great misconception that to​ be an​ effective marketer,​ you​ need to​ be creative .​
And most small business owners will tell me that they're just not good at​ that .​
But I​ would contend that marketing should be more of​ a​ science (a system) than an​ art.
That's the​ number one reason to​ have a​ system .​
Without a​ marketing and sales system,​ most service businesses end up reactively marketing when business is​ slow and stop when they are busy .​
This mindset usually lends itself to​ episodic marketing.
With a​ system,​ you'll be better prepared to​ generate inquiries and convert new clients all year round.
Marketing and Sales
Notice that I've said you​ need a​ Marketing and Sales system .​
Marketing and sales are NOT the​ same thing,​ but you​ need a​ system that addresses both seamlessly.
Let's just look at​ the​ important difference between marketing and sales and why they should be successfully combined in​ a​ system like my ABCD Growth Marketing System.
One of​ the​ notions I​ hear over and over again is​ that Marketing is​ about creating name recognition or​ brand awareness .​
I​ would argue that these are simply welcome side-effects of​ marketing.
When you​ are a​ small business and all of​ your time,​ energy,​ and money count,​ then what you​ really need is​ for marketing to​ produce a​ consistent stream of​ good quality leads .​
Therefore,​ I​ define marketing as​ the​ use of​ strategies and tactics to​ generate a​ constant supply of​ high-quality leads.
Sales then is​ the​ process(es) you​ use to​ convert as​ many as​ possible of​ those high-quality leads into clients.
This is​ why the​ two should be seamlessly addressed in​ your system .​
Too many businesses jump forward to​ selling before a​ potential lead is​ even established as​ a​ qualified prospect.
Conversely,​ many leads go uncultivated when there's no means to​ explore the​ prospect and move them towards becoming a​ potential buyer.
A System is​ the​ Key to​ Reaching Your Full Business Potential
Now just imagine if​ you​ had a​ system to​ drive these vital functions in​ your business .​
a​ system that breaks down the​ marketing and sales process into smaller,​ more manageable,​ interrelated steps.
Think about your own business .​
Where do most of​ your clients come from? is​ it​ from your marketing and sales system? It should be.

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