The Power And Magic Of High Tech High Touch Marketing

The Power And Magic Of High-Tech High-Touch Marketing
Alright,​ you're probably thinking.. .​
what in​ the​ heck is​ high-tech high-touch marketing?
In it's simplest terms,​ high-tech high-touch marketing is​ a​ strategy and process that utilizes the​ most recent advancements in​ technology to​ simplify and automate your marketing efforts,​ build rock solid,​ long term relationships,​ and as​ a​ result allow you​ to​ earn more,​ work less,​ and have an​ absolute BLAST in​ the​ process.
Sounds pretty exciting right? Well,​ as​ you​ are about to​ learn it​ is​ .​
Now before I​ go into the​ strategies around high-tech high-touch marketing,​ let's first get clear about the​ challenges we all face .​
The Problem:
As you​ know,​ the​ service profession is​ evolving more rapidly than ever before .​
Competition,​ technology and consumerism are taking huge bites out of​ our business possibilities .​
Not to​ mention the​ challenges of​ not being able to​ reach our desired prospects .​
Spam filters,​ mass deletions,​ increased bounce backs and worse yet,​ people changing their email addresses .​
In fact,​ statistics show that 30% of​ internet users change their email addresses each year .​
Meaning that,​ if​ your list isn't growing by at​ least 30%,​ if​ not more per year,​ you​ are actually going backwards .​
Another interesting statistic is​ that we are now being bombarded by over 5,​000 messages a​ day from all media sources .​
The internet,​ radio,​ TV,​ print media is​ taking it's toll on​ our awareness and ability to​ focus on​ what's really important .​
is​ it​ any wonder why we are all waking around so dizzy in​ the​ head? I've beginning to​ think we are ALL suffering from one form of​ ADD or​ another,​ lol!
We're working harder,​ feeling more stressed,​ and not yet seeing the​ results we want .​
We are afraid the​ old answers to​ building and sustaining our businesses just don't seem to​ be working any more .​
Whether we like it​ or​ not,​ it's time to​ take action and re-engineer our marketing efforts and our businesses - or​ risk our futures .​
With this in​ mind,​ I​ am honored to​ teach you​ the​ Secrets and Strategies to​ creating a​ Highly Automated,​ Very Successful practice,​ giving you​ complete freedom and control once and for all.
What's the​ key to​ your success? It's the​ level of​ your commitment.
Just check out these stats...
48% of​ marketers give up after the​ first contact
25% give up after the​ second contact
12% give up after the​ third contact
5% give up after the​ fourth contact
Meaning that 9 out of​ 10 people are never followed up with more 4 times.
Statistics show that it​ takes an​ average of​ 7 contacts to​ make a​ sale .​
So,​ what's the​ Solution?
It's vitally important to​ connect frequently,​ consistently,​ and automatically with your target market .​
It's essential that you​ leverage the​ power of​ technology to​ simplify this entire process.
Strategy number #1: Automate your business,​ build a​ million dollar contact list .​
As we all know,​ the​ key to​ your success online rests in​ the​ quality,​ responsiveness,​ and size of​ your mailing list.
1) It needs to​ be highly targeted,​ providing quality content that addresses the​ challenges your target market faces and provides realistic solutions to​ make their lives and businesses more enjoyable.
2) Needs to​ include a​ strong opt in​ form on​ your homepage .​
Using free give aways,​ or​ legal bribes such as​ ebooks,​ assessments,​ mini course to​ attract new visitors.
Get creative .​
Offering a​ free newsletter simply doesn't work anymore .​
The internet is​ saturated with these offers,​ as​ a​ result,​ they've lost their effectiveness .​
Think about when you​ became a​ new subscriber on​ someone's list,​ what was it​ that attracted you? Make your offer sexy and compelling .​
Now that you've created the​ system to​ build your list,​ the​ next step is​ to​ drive TONS of​ highly targeted traffic to​ your website.
I've broken it​ down for you...
3 Simple Strategies to​ Generate More Traffic to​ Your Website:
1) Build it​ yourself: Write and publish highly targeted articles .​
2) Borrow it: Create a​ Strategic Alliance with a​ partner who currently supports your target market,​ yet isn't your direct competitor .​
This is​ a​ true win/win relationship .​
As you​ share their services with your contacts,​ they will in​ turn,​ share your services with the​ people they know,​ like,​ and trust .​
3) Buy it: Pay Per Click marketing is​ a​ miracle of​ the​ modern world .​
In fact,​ I​ believe history will show it​ to​ be the​ most important development in​ advertising this decade .​
Never before has it​ been possible to​ spend 5 bucks,​ open an​ account and have brand new,​ precisely targeted customers coming to​ your website within minutes .​
As you​ are beginning to​ understand,​ building a​ highly successful practice online is​ not difficult .​
It does take proper training,​ however the​ results are most certainly worth the​ effort.
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