The Popularity Of The Laser Hair Removal Machine

In our culture today,​ it​ seems that the​ less body hair you​ have,​ the​ more attractive you​ are considered. Over time,​ people have tried many things in​ an​ attempt to​ remove their unwanted body hair,​ with little regard to​ pain and expense it​ seems. Shaving that can leave you​ with cuts and rashes,​ bleaching that can cause skin irritation,​ tweezing that can be painful and tedious,​ waxing that is​ very painful,​ and using depilatories that melt away hair (and sometimes skin) are some of​ the​ methods people have employed in​ the​ fight against body hair. Most everyone that desires to​ rid himself or​ herself of​ unattractive or​ embarrassing body hair would favor a​ way to​ do so that will take away the​ hair forever. Unfortunately,​ that only comes with electrolysis,​ which is​ highly expensive and requires many treatments. That is​ why laser hair removal has been growing in​ popularity. it​ promises quick removal of​ hair from the​ root,​ and pledges that the​ hair will grow back at​ a​ very slow rate. if​ you​ are considering the​ procedure of​ laser hair removal,​ it​ is​ smart to​ learn about the​ procedure,​ and that you​ find a​ reputable and practitioner that knows how to​ properly use the​ laser hair removal machine that will be used to​ carry out the​ procedure on​ you.

Laser hair removal works when a​ technician or​ physician uses a​ hand-held machine to​ push and light beams through the​ device into the​ hair follicles. This light is​ aimed at​ the​ dark pigment in​ your hair,​ and causes damage to​ the​ hair follicles without damaging the​ surrounding tissue. the​ procedure is​ somewhat painful,​ despite many claims by some laser hair removal professionals to​ the​ contrary. Most clinics will make available several pain reduction techniques,​ including skin cooling with gels,​ sprays,​ water mist,​ or​ air.

There are a​ great many plusses to​ laser hair removal. the​ most important one is​ the​ long-term removal of​ unwanted hair,​ or​ it's permanent reduction in​ appearance,​ which can diminish embarrassment. Any regrowth of​ hair often comes in​ lighter in​ color and finer in​ texture. if​ performed correctly by a​ technician or​ physician that knows how to​ operate a​ laser hair removal machine,​ the​ procedure is​ considered safe. if​ you​ have a​ large area on​ your body with a​ great deal of​ hair,​ such as​ your back,​ chest,​ or​ legs,​ laser hair removal will work best for​ you. Fair-skinned people with darker body hair usually get the​ best results with this procedure.

With the​ plusses,​ there are,​ of​ course,​ the​ minuses. There is​ very little long-term medical evidence to​ suggest laser hair removal's safety or​ effectiveness. Since every body is​ different,​ it​ is​ difficult to​ establish concrete regrowth scales. Laser hair removal tends to​ not work as​ effectively on​ gray,​ red,​ or​ blonde hairs,​ and it​ must be performed very carefully on​ people with darker skin tones or​ who tan themselves regularly. Having laser hair removal can result in​ burns,​ abrasions,​ or​ skin discoloration. And since some people don't respond to​ it​ at​ all,​ the​ decision to​ have it​ done should be carefully made.

There are many establishments out there who perform laser hair removal that make claims that the​ procedure is​ painless,​ that the​ hair removal is​ completely permanent,​ and that there will be absolutely no hair regrowth. There are currently FDA regulations in​ place that prohibit anyone to​ make these claims. But,​ because there is​ no real legal regulation of​ who can purchase laser hair removal machines,​ for​ training on​ the​ use of​ them,​ or​ quality control standards,​ there is​ a​ great risk for​ physical injury if​ you​ take a​ chance with someone who is​ not a​ licensed physician,​ or​ a​ highly reputable laser hair removal technician. By making laser hair removal machines more widely available by not restricting those who can purchase them,​ it​ might make it​ more affordable,​ but it​ also increases the​ risks to​ those who choose to​ undergo the​ procedure. it​ is​ not worth the​ risks just to​ save money by going to​ someone who might not have the​ expertise to​ use the​ laser hair removal machine.

Choosing a​ person to​ do your laser hair removal should be a​ long and well thought out process. Take heed to​ choose a​ physician or​ clinic that will give you​ a​ free in-office consultation. Ask as​ many questions as​ possible,​ including questions regarding the​ laser hair removal machine,​ pain relief,​ costs and fees,​ and post-procedure treatment. Observe the​ office and equipment to​ see that they are clean. Talk to​ former customers,​ and ask them questions about the​ clinic or​ physician's manner and service. Ask to​ get a​ test patch done before you​ make any commitments,​ and do not make a​ commitment to​ have the​ procedure done at​ the​ consultation meeting. Think carefully about it. By taking time to​ make your choice,​ you​ will get the​ best price and the​ best experience,​ and have the​ best possible outcome with your laser hair removal.

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