The Point Of No Return The Roots Of Workplace Violence

The Point Of No Return The Roots Of Workplace Violence

Social anxiety is​ an​ ever-increasing problem,​ especially with Internet technology making it​ easier and easier to​ talk to​ someone that you'll likely never,​ ever see face-to-face. This has resulted in​ people that are better adjusted to​ social situations where they will not be hindered by their social anxiety. While social anxiety is​ a​ major problem,​ particularly because quite a​ bit of​ professional success in​ today's world requires a​ bit of​ social adaptation,​ most people don't really worry about social anxiety as​ long as​ it​ doesn't give the​ family status anxiety.

The Japanese,​ probably due to​ cultural differences,​ tend to​ draw their social anxiety inwards. This is​ best exemplified by the​ otaku and hikikomori phenomenon there,​ though these “conditions” have started to​ manifest in​ societies outside of​ the​ Far East. This can be interpreted to​ mean that more and more people are withdrawing socially,​ as​ society and modern civilization puts more and more pressure on​ them. After all,​ even if​ they are engaging in​ socially deviant behavior,​ they're not really harming anyone but themselves. For most people,​ as​ long as​ those with social anxiety are not capable of​ doing any harm to​ anyone,​ then they can either just be ignored or​ be bullied by their social “superiors.”

However,​ what happens when that social anxiety builds,​ the​ stress compounds,​ and it​ has no other place to​ go but out? in​ theory,​ social anxiety alone is​ not going to​ result in​ someone lashing out violently,​ but it​ can play a​ major role in​ such an​ event.

Take the​ Columbine School Shooting,​ as​ perpetrated by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. the​ two of​ them were reported to​ have been socially ostracized and made fun of​ by their more sociable peers. While certainly not the​ only factor that served as​ motivation for their bloody assault on​ their fellow students,​ the​ fact that they intended to​ target their social tormentors is​ a​ telling sign of​ just how big a​ factor their social status in​ the​ school was. the​ sheer violence of​ their act has sometimes been interpreted as​ a​ reaction to​ the​ unfair treatment that they received in​ comparison to​ the​ “jocks” of​ the​ school. the​ fact that their lack of​ athletic ability,​ their introverted personalities,​ and their attempts to​ seek help from school administrators to​ stop the​ bullying were ignored likely just aggravated them. in​ fact,​ despite the​ incident,​ there are reports that the​ same bullies who pushed Klebold and Harris over the​ edge are still continuing their bullying ways,​ with school authorities turning a​ blind eye to​ the​ infractions of​ their “star players.”

Stress and anxiety can also play a​ factor when someone lashes out violently against the​ people around them. Dealing with bureaucracy in​ the​ workplace,​ problems at​ home,​ or​ even just a​ really bad day at​ work can cause someone to​ snap,​ find the​ nearest available weapon,​ and start trying to​ kill the​ people around him. This can be made worse by social anxiety,​ as​ this condition prevents him from truly connecting to​ people and forming meaningful relationships,​ which can help alleviate a​ person's stress and worries. Without any means of​ alleviating their stress and anxiety,​ disgruntled employees can just show up one day with a​ submachine gun in​ hand and start killing the​ people that they work with each day. Some say this lethal concoction of​ factors led to​ Patrick Sherrill to​ shoot several co-workers in​ the​ US Postal Service before shooting himself back in​ 1986.

No one is​ safe from the​ dangers of​ someone whose mind can no longer take the​ pressure and lashes out violently. There are some jobs and cultures where such acts are less likely to​ occur,​ but there will always be that small chance. There is​ no definite formula to​ see if​ a​ particular employee will snap or​ if​ a​ certain company is​ more likely to​ experience such violence. the​ fact is,​ the​ very specific and “snap” nature of​ such events can make it​ nearly impossible to​ detect the​ people likely to​ do this. For school shootings,​ the​ events have a​ tendency to​ be planned ahead by the​ perpetrators,​ but there is​ no such “warning sign” for the​ office environment. Often,​ the​ stress and anxiety just builds to​ a​ level where the​ only way to​ relieve it,​ in​ the​ person's mind,​ is​ to​ commit extreme violence.

The Point Of No Return The Roots Of Workplace Violence

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