The Only Way To Make Money On The Internet

There really is​ only one way to​ make money on​ the​ internet -- sales.

Really it​ is​ the​ truth. of​ course there are a​ lot of​ different variations in​ how and what you​ sell on​ the​ internet and another dramatic difference is​ the​ lack of​ the​ dreaded cold-calling forced on​ so many traditional sales folks.

At first glance your choices are pretty straightforward:

~ Sell other people's products
~ Sell your own products
~ Sell yourself
~ Sell space on​ your web site,​ blog,​ or​ publication

Then things start to​ get complicated.

Even something as​ simple as​ selling products created by others takes on​ some unique twists on​ the​ internet and can quickly lead to​ complicated decisions. This choice falls into four main areas:

~ Selling as​ an​ affiliate to​ earn commission on​ each sale (you deliver customer to​ vendor)
~ Selling unlimited electronic products as​ a​ reseller to​ earn 100% profit on​ each sale (you are directly involved in​ sale)
~ Selling a​ limited number of​ products you​ bought at​ wholesale to​ earn the​ difference between your cost and the​ sale price (you are directly involved in​ sale)
~ Selling as​ a​ drop shipper to​ earn a​ percentage of​ each sale (you are the​ middle man in​ transaction)

Each method offers its own blend of​ benefits and drawbacks and you​ need to​ decide which suits your experience,​ time,​ and interest.

Selling your own products can be complicated as​ well by the​ need to​ organize issues such as​ payment processors and affiliate programs and advertising as​ well as​ customer service.

Selling yourself offers advantages in​ that you​ don't need to​ deal with many of​ the​ problems involved in​ products -- such as​ payment processors,​ large numbers of​ customers and all the​ complications that entails -- but it​ can also be limiting (you only have so many hours in​ the​ day to​ accomplish the​ tasks or​ jobs that you​ take on) and requires the​ need for regular promotion to​ build and maintain your client base.

Finally selling advertising such as​ banners or​ text links or​ offering contextual or​ pay-per-click or​ pixel advertising can be a​ much simpler method of​ earning money but in​ order to​ earn a​ decent income from this source you​ must continually work to​ build and promote your web site,​ blog,​ and/or publication. Web sites and blogs that don't consistently offer new,​ quality content quickly slip in​ search engine status and the​ loss of​ traffic then income follows even faster than you​ can say search engine optimization.

That is​ just a​ quick overview of​ the​ income opportunities available to​ you​ on​ the​ internet. Good luck with your new internet business whichever choice you​ make.

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