The New Marketing Revolution

The New Marketing Revolution
Let’s take a​ quick stroll through the​ world of​ marketing to​ see what it​ was,​ what it​ became and what it​ now is…
Era 1 – newspaper,​ magazines,​ radio broadcasts,​ direct mail,​ telemarketing,​ cold calling,​ television,​ infomercials…
Era 2 – websites,​ banner ads,​ reciprocal links,​ ezine publishing,​ search engine optimization,​ pay-per-click,​ opt-in email,​ blogs.. .​
Enter Era 3 – marketing via podcasts?
Similar to​ the​ concept of​ opt-in email,​ podcasting takes full advantage of​ technology in​ reaching a​ pre-qualified,​ self-selected audience that craves the​ information and expertise a​ podcaster provides .​
Podcasting gives the​ strategy of​ establishing yourself as​ an​ expert a​ whole new playground .​
Podcasting is​ the​ ultimate tool for reaching a​ fully-qualified target audience .​
a​ podcast is​ an​ audio broadcast published to​ the​ internet .​
The broadcast is​ delivered to​ subscribers via a​ feed,​ usually in​ an​ MP3 file format .​
For years consulting and service companies have realized that the​ way to​ a​ client’s heart is​ through information sharing .​
Be it​ through trade shows,​ conferences,​ seminars,​ newsletters,​ or​ free articles,​ providing useful information on​ a​ topic that potential clients are interested in​ grabs them – hook,​ line and sinker .​
When a​ prospect first subscribes to​ a​ podcast,​ they likely aren’t ready to​ buy products or​ services from the​ podcaster’s company .​
Chances are they are just getting their feet wet,​ searching for information .​
With useful information delivered via a​ podcast day after day,​ weekly or​ monthly,​ the​ receiver will realize the​ value of​ the​ expertise demonstrated .​
Thus,​ when they are ready to​ become buyers rather than browsers,​ the​ podcaster has the​ lead .​
As an​ advertising medium podcasts can be used just like a​ newsletter or​ press release .​
For instance,​ a​ tax consulting firm may publish a​ monthly newsletter giving updates on​ tax laws,​ information about tax shelters,​ tips for tax deductions and notification of​ available services .​
The newsletters will likely contain contact information and will encourage readers to​ contract the​ services of​ the​ tax consulting firm .​
A podcast can be used in​ the​ same way .​
The only difference is,​ the​ news and information is​ delivered via an​ audio broadcast rather than through an​ electronic or​ print newsletter .​
There are many advantages to​ podcasting .​
In comparison to​ other types of​ advertising,​ it​ is​ relatively inexpensive .​
Podcasts are delivered to​ a​ targeted audience,​ leave a​ lasting impression on​ subscribers and establish the​ provider as​ an​ expert in​ the​ field .​
Regularly published podcasts keep the​ provider’s name and contact information fresh in​ the​ minds of​ the​ recipients and vast amounts of​ business can be obtained as​ a​ result.
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