The New Approach To Customer Marketing

The New Approach to​ Customer Marketing
There has been a​ lot of​ buzz over the​ past few years about a​ new form of​ marketing for a​ new marketing world .​
Marketers such as​ Seth Godin have led a​ high profile assault on​ traditional marketing.
The reason is​ simple – the​ consumer landscape has changed radically over the​ past 10 years and will continue to​ do so,​ because mass markets are fragmenting into niche markets.
This means that mass advertising becomes poorly targeted,​ and capturing a​ significant niche allows for cheaper and more productive marketing.
With the​ change in​ practice comes a​ shift in​ attitude,​ as​ old marketing gives way to​ priorities of​ the​ new.
In their book Radical Marketing,​ Glen Rifkin and Sam Hill lay out their own set of​ rules for what they term Radical Marketing:
The company CEO is​ the​ primary marketer
Simplify marketing management
Direct interaction with customers
Don’t rely on​ the​ averages of​ market research
Use only passionate marketers
Treat customers as​ individuals,​ not numbers
Permission build a​ community to​ market to
Rethink your targeting methods
Use common sense
Keep focused on​ your brand identity
This tends to​ reflect a​ more corporate view – that larger companies need to​ keep things simplified,​ and use staff who take a​ real and passionate interest in​ their work.
However,​ very niche market targeting is​ becoming the​ necessary life-blood for small business,​ where new marketing isn’t simply about repositioning within new markets,​ but instead about capturing a​ spirit of​ entrepreneurial enterprise – where small remains most profitable where companies remain customer focused .​
In short,​ new marketing is​ as​ much a​ rejection of​ corporate marketing,​ with it’s impassionate image,​ disdain for the​ customer,​ and focus on​ numbers,​ not people.
New Marketing is​ therefore focused on​ a​ passionate customer-focused marketing concept,​ which is​ especially typified at​ Creating Passionate Users:
Focus on​ how the​ user kicks ass
Users have power
Users own the​ brand
Two-way conversation
Personal service
Word of​ mouth over advertising
In short,​ as​ the​ marketing environment changes,​ so marketing methods have to​ change – the​ mantra of​ New Marketing is​ that as​ markets become more vertical,​ then marketing must invest first in​ people.

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