The Most Powerful Word In Marketing

The Most Powerful Word in​ Marketing
It isn't free.
It isn't you.
It isn't anything you​ might imagine.
So what the​ heck is​ the​ most powerful word in​ marketing?
Because what I'm about to​ reveal to​ you​ is​ so important,​ I​ want to​ ask you​ to​ do something a​ bit out of​ the​ ordinary to​ set the​ stage .​
Whether you're sitting or
standing,​ lift your right foot off the​ ground about two inches and hold it​ there for a​ count of​ three.
Did you​ do this? If not,​ I​ really want you​ to​ take a​ few seconds to​ do it​ now,​ because it​ will hammer home the​ importance of​ what I'm about to​ tell you.
So go ahead .​
Lift your foot up about two inches,​ then hold it​ for a​ count of​ 1-2-3.
The power of​ a​ single word to​ drive people to​ action
If you​ went ahead and did my little exercise,​ you've just experienced the​ profound effect of​ the​ most powerful word in​ marketing.
So now do you​ know what that word is?
It's embedded in​ both the​ requests I​ made of​ you​ to​ lift your foot and do my goofy little exercise .​
That word is​ - drum roll please...
Studies have proven that no word has more power to​ motivate people to​ take action than because .​
Simply adding this word to​ a​ request,​ to​ a​ statement,​ to​ a​ call to​ action,​ the​ number of​ people who respond go up exponentially.
Hey,​ it​ got you​ to​ lift your foot up for a​ three count,​ didn't it?
Why the​ word because is​ so effective
In the​ classic book Influence - the​ Psychology of​ Persuasion,​ Dr .​
Robert Cialdini talks about the​ power of​ certain words that tap into preprogrammed behaviors we all have .​
He demonstrates this form of​ human automatic action in​ a​ study conducted by Ellen Langer,​
a Harvard social psychologist.
Langer asked a​ favor of​ people standing in​ line waiting to​ make copies on​ a​ Xerox machine at​ a​ library .​
Her first request to​ cut the​ line was stated using the​ word,​ because:
Excuse me,​ I​ have five pages .​
May I​ use the​ Xerox machine
because I'm in​ a​ rush.
The results? 94% of​ the​ people she asked let her jump ahead of​ them!
Now,​ compare this to​ the​ second request she made,​ without because embedded in​ it:
Excuse me,​ I​ have five pages .​
May I​ use the​ Xerox machine?
Using this version of​ the​ request,​ results plummeted to​ just 60%.
To prove the​ powerful ability of​ the​ word because to​ trigger an​ automatic response,​ Langer's final test used just the​ word without a​ specific reason:
Excuse me,​ I​ have five pages .​
May I​ use the​ Xerox machine
because I​ have to​ make some copies?
This almost non-sensical version produced nearly identical results to​ the​ first because statement .​
a​ whopping 93% of​ people complied and let Langer jump ahead of​ them.
Because is​ a​ simple word with a​ powerful ability to​ trigger an​ automatic response in​ most people.
How to​ start using because to​ your advantage
There are dozens of​ ways to​ start taking advantage of​ this powerful trigger word in​ your copy .​
Here are just two examples.
(1) Use because in​ your headline.
Because your life may depend on​ it,​ you​ owe it
to yourself to​ find out how a​ common garden herb
can reduce your chance of​ heart attack by 47%
(2) Use because in​ a​ call to​ take action.
Instead of,​ Hurry,​ seating is​ limited to​ just 60 people .​
Don't risk missing out .​
Enroll in​ this all-day event now.
Use,​ Because seating is​ limited to​ just 60 people,​ don't risk missing out .​
Enroll in​ this all-day event now.
But don't just stop there .​
Because this knowledge can be so effective for improving the​ selling power of​ all your copy,​ spend some time brainstorming other ways you​ can put it​ to​ use today!

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