The Most Effective Body Hair Removal Techniques

The Most Effective Body Hair Removal Techniques
If its within your budget,​ the​ fastest way to​ remove unwanted body hair is​ by undergoing laser treatments. Although this is​ the​ most expensive approach,​ laser hair removal is​ the​ most effective at​ permanently eliminating body hair. Unlike electrolysis,​ where each hair follicle must be dealt with individually making the​ process extremely timeconsuming and painful,​ laser therapy can impact several follicles simultaneously,​ which greatly speeds up the​ process. Its great for​ removing hair from the​ back and chest,​ arms and legs.
As stated already however,​ the​ costs are extreme. to​ do an area as​ large as​ the​ back will cost several thousand dollars,​ and thats per treatment. Several treatments are necessary because the​ laser technique can only impact hair that is​ currently in​ a​ growing stage. Also,​ there will be places where hair will regrow and although it​ will regrow finer and lighter,​ in​ order to​ be permanent,​ the​ hair follicle needs to​ be rendered incapable of​ growing new hair.
The next best method of​ removing body hair is​ waxing. Far less expensive than laser treatments and even electrolysis,​ waxing works by extracting hairs out of​ their shafts. Because the​ hair follicle is​ not specifically and purposely damaged,​ hair will regrow,​ but it​ will take several weeks for​ it​ to​ reappear. Repetitive application of​ this hair removal process may ultimately affect the​ follicle and cause hair growth to​ cease,​ however,​ this is​ not guaranteed which is​ why waxing cannot be considered a​ permanent hair removal method.
Waxing,​ or​ sugaring if​ youre sensitive to​ wax or​ prefer an organic solution,​ works by applying a​ layer of​ cold or​ hot wax or​ a​ sugarbased mixture directly on​ the​ area where hair is​ to​ be removed. After allowing to​ harden it​ is​ very quickly peeled away from the​ skin,​ in​ the​ opposite direction of​ the​ hair growth and viola the​ body hair is​ pulled free from that area. the​ process is​ repeated until the​ entire body surface is​ free of​ hair. it​ is​ possible to​ do this at​ home,​ but since most of​ us have a​ low tolerance to​ selfinflicted pain,​ youll get better and faster results if​ you​ leave this type of​ work to​ someone else,​ at​ least for​ the​ first few times.

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