The Mighty Marketing Newsletter

The Mighty Marketing Newsletter
For many companies and organizations,​ it’s a​ powerful marketing tool that attracts and retains customers .​
I’m referring to​ the​ dependable,​ hard-working newsletter.
On the​ subject of​ newsletters,​ guerilla marketing guru Jay Conrad Levinson says,​ It's a​ way of​ staying in​ touch,​ proving your expertise,​ giving beneficial information and gaining confidence.
Newsletters can be used for marketing,​ public relations,​ sales support,​ associations,​ or​ many other purposes.
But how do you​ publish a​ successful newsletter?
Following are some simple strategies that have worked well for my clients and me.
Content and Style
Consistently providing editorial value is​ the​ key to​ a​ successful newsletter .​
Measuring content against a​ set of​ objectives is​ one way to​ accomplish this.
What is​ the​ purpose of​ your newsletter? What are you​ trying to​ deliver to​ your readers?
Another way is​ simply to​ remember what you're publishing -- a​ news letter .​
After all,​ newsletter is​ the​ marriage of​ two common words: news and letter .​
If you​ make your newsletter newsy,​ providing readers the​ latest information on​ subjects they care about,​ you​ can't go wrong.
Does all content have to​ be cutting-edge news? No .​
Editorial content can be a​ new slant on​ an​ old subject .​
It can be time-tested tips that are good reminders to​ an​ interested audience .​
Or sometimes it's information that isn't new but useful to​ people in​ a​ new stage of​ life -- parenting,​ for instance.
Whatever the​ content,​ it​ should be relevant to​ readers .​
If unsure,​ just ask yourself: How can readers use this information? is​ there take-away value?
The second word,​ letter,​ helps to​ establish a​ writing style and tone .​
I​ like to​ write articles and newsletters as​ if​ I'm writing to​ one person in​ a​ friendly,​ conversational tone.
Newsletters are often a​ dialogue with customers -- the​ lifeblood of​ your business -- so the​ tone,​ while friendly,​ needs to​ be respectful .​
Just avoid writing newsletters that are stiff,​ formal and self-important.
Story Ideas
In the​ abstract,​ thinking news is​ great .​
However,​ a​ few concrete ideas can help kick start a​ newsletter .​
Here is​ a​ partial list:
* News
* Product and service stories
* Product and service tips
* Special offers,​ promotions and sales
* Explanatory articles (how it​ works)
* Case histories
* Industry updates
* Do's and don'ts
* Appropriate humor
* Quotes and testimonials
* Checklists
* Interviews
* Profiles
* Letters
* Community involvement
Want some more good ideas? Collect and read newsletters .​
What do you​ like? What can you​ apply?
Create a​ newsletter file and fill it​ with company and industry news items .​
Keep a​ list of​ ideas,​ talk to​ customers,​ attend trade shows and seminars,​ and read as​ much as​ you​ can.
By keeping yourself well informed,​ your newsletter will stay current and interesting to​ your readers .​
Finally,​ publish your newsletter on​ a​ regular basis and your sales are sure to​ increase.
(c) 2018 Neil Sagebiel

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