The Marketing Phone Number

The Marketing Phone Number

The Marketing Phone Number
Telephone Numbers are usually the​ first point of​ contact between Customers and Businesses,​ and you​ know what they say...First impressions last!
Most companies spend thousands of​ pounds per year on​ print advertising,​ be it​ on​ vehicles,​ business cards or​ even websites .​
What most of​ them fail to​ realise is​ that spending that amount of​ money pays no return if​ the​ target audience cannot remember the​ telephone number when looking at​ it​ for the​ first time .​
I'm sure that you​ have found yourself glancing at​ an​ advert and finding it​ interesting but quickly find out a​ few days later that you​ cannot remeber the​ contact number.
Recent research has shown that displaying a​ memorable phone number prominently on​ a​ website and company letterheads can increase client response rates by up to​ FIVE times,​ so if​ you​ are spending money on​ marketing,​ it​ makes sense to​ maximise your return by getting a​ professional looking number .​
Having a​ phone number that your customers will remember easily has been proven to​ lead to​ more repeat orders and more word of​ mouth recommendations.
A memorable phone number will give a​ more lasting impression of​ your company image and brand,​ and as​ your customers remember your phone number,​ they won’t be browsing through the​ Yellow Pages looking at​ your competitors’ ads!

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