The Marketing Ability Of Greeting Cards

The Marketing Ability of​ Greeting Cards
It’s Father’s Day,​ Valentines or​ your friend’s birthday .​
Whatever the​ occasion is​ sending them greeting cards is​ one way of​ letting them know that you​ remember them .​
But aside from being used for personal purposes,​ greeting cards can also be used in​ business as​ a​ marketing strategy .​
Being a​ good boss and business owner does not merely mean providing good compensation to​ your employees,​ being in​ good relationship with your customers and getting a​ lot of​ profits .​
It also means being able to​ get in​ touch with them during simple occasions .​
So let’s say it’s the​ birthday of​ one of​ your employees or​ a​ customer’s wedding day,​ sending them greeting cards is​ one way of​ letting them know that they are important and that their loyalty and support are always remembered .​
Here are a​ few things to​ consider when making your own greeting cards .​
First,​ as​ much as​ possible handwrite your message and sign your name under it .​
This way the​ recipient would feel more valued and appreciated .​
Second,​ send the​ card when the​ customer least expect like .​
Sending it​ during widely celebrated occasions such as​ Christmas can make the​ recipient to​ overlook it .​
Instead,​ send it​ during their birthday or​ when you​ heard that their daughter or​ son got married .​
Avoid also including your logo in​ the​ greeting card to​ make it​ look less like a​ promotional material .​
Keep in​ mind that a​ greeting card is​ a​ personal note to​ the​ recipient so as​ much as​ possible you​ would want it​ to​ have a​ personal touch .​
If you​ do not know what to​ put in​ the​ card imagine sitting across your friend in​ the​ kitchen or​ in​ a​ restaurant .​
Think of​ the​ usual conversation that you​ have .​
After giving your usual how-are-you line,​ think of​ the​ conversation that follows .​
It can be about current events,​ latest news about your high school classmates or​ how good the​ weather has been in​ the​ past days .​
From this you​ can develop the​ message that you​ want to​ include in​ your card .​
Remember to​ keep it​ simple,​ quirky and funny .​
Remember also to​ use the​ right words .​
Just like talking to​ your friend across the​ table,​ greeting cards can also bring the​ right impression or​ ruin your reputation .​
You do not need to​ be wordy in​ the​ card or​ an​ expert writer to​ compose your message .​
As long as​ you​ are genuine in​ your words that is​ all that matters.

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