The Jury Is Out On Keyword Discovery

The Jury Is Out On Keyword Discovery

A great new software, maybe....... but is​ the price worth it?

The major problem I have with the software is​ that it​ only gives a​ full 12 months demand/competition​ figures unless you​ upgrade to​ the "Paid API" version​ which will cost you​ $400 per month or​ $3000 a​ year.

The question​ you​ need to​ ask is​ "what are you​ using keyword tools for"?

To make money today? or​ to​ obtain​ yearly stats? With that in​ mind, here are a​ few problems.....

1. if​ we are looking to​ make money today (which most of​ us are) ...... We need statistics that are up to​ date for​ the present...... The keyword "web traffic" at​ the present gets a​ lots less hits than "increase web site traffic".... But if​ I were to​ use keyword discovery it​ would actually tell me the opposite based on​ "yearly" figures.

Now if​ I were a​ keyword discovery subscriber, only used KD and​ started doing a​ lot of​ work on​ "web traffic", optimizing my pages, increasing inbound links, etc. and​ then later I found out that the stats where wrong and​ I was doing all the work on​ keywords that were actually receiving a​ lot less hits, I would be pretty angry to​ say the least.

So the major problem is​ this.... I use keyword tracker, I find 100 terms with high demand/low comp right at​ this​ present time..... I throw up 100 pages based on​ those terms and​ get high ranking for​ 40..... I make many sales

I use keyword discovery (standard subscription), I find 100 terms with high demand/low comp over one year...... I throw up 100 pages based on​ those terms........ and​ only get high ranking on​ 10 "because" 50% of​ those terms "right at​ this​ very moment/right now" have a​ lot more comp or​ less demand​ than they had 6 months ago.

2. Now say we want long term results? this​ would be beneficial if​ we find keywords that continually have high/demand​ low comp over one year. However from my experience this​ is​ very rarely the case due to​ "online competition" and​ an​ ever changing marketing environment.

It would be of​ benefit to​ larger websites looking for​ "medium" competition​ rates on​ keywords of​ which they wish to​ dominate. With this​ they then implement an​ SEO campaign to​ gain​ ranking.

3. Having all the country SE's is​ a​ benefit but only if​ you​ can localize..... as​ I am trying to​ rank for​ terms on​ search engines where my listing appears, including searches from engines where it​ will not only distorts my figures and​ therefore what words I may try and​ optimize.

4. Where are the KEI results taken from? Not meaning the search term itself but the occurrences? Pages/websites for​ what search engines... I could not find this​ information.

So what does this​ all boil down to?

*if​ you​ want long term keyword stats for​ your​ online business..... KD just might be the software for​ you. in​ all fairness it​ does also include many other features that you​ will not find at​ Keyword Tracker, if​ these are what your​ company requires.

if​ your​ looking for​ long term stats but without the competition​ ratio try...


* if​ your​ looking for​ short term stats you​ have two choices....

Keyword Discovery at​ a​ price of​ $3000 per year


Or Keyword Tracker at​ $250 per year


Like I said the juries out and​ it​ all boils down to​ what type of​ service and​ tools your​ looking for​ but as​ the saying goes.... "the devil is​ in​ the detail".

The Jury Is Out On Keyword Discovery

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