The Homeschooling Mom Needs To Socialise Too

When parents make the​ decision to​ home school their children,​ their primary concern is​ usually the​ lack of​ opportunity for their children to​ mix with other children on​ a​ regular basis.This is​ also one of​ the​ main criticisms used against homeschooling by it's opponents. However,​ parents,​ too,​ can be affected by the​ lack of​ socialising opportunities. Many lifetime friendships between mothers have been formed at​ the​ school gates. Waiting for the​ children to​ emerge gives mothers a​ great opportunity to​ chat and discuss school,​ bringing up children and all life's little and not so little problems. Becoming involved with PTA committees and functions,​ as​ well as​ volunteering to​ help in​ the​ classroom and with school trips,​ means that over the​ thirteen to​ fourteen years a​ child may be in​ school,​you can get to​ know a​ lot of​ other parents and teachers. When you homeschool your children,​ you aren’t presented with these same social opportunities,​ but you needn't miss out and become a​ social hermit. For the​ homeschooling mom,​ there are still a​ variety of​ social situations out there waiting for you. Many of​ them are family oriented and can be included in​ your lesson plans. Better yet,​ several are low cost or​ free.

Join a​ homeschool group in​ your area.

These groups are very popular and located nationwide in​ many countries. as​ well as​ providing a​ support network to​ homeschooling families,​ they sponsor all types of​ social gatherings and educational field trips. if​ there is​ not a​ group near you,​ why not organize one yourself. You’ll make great connections with other parents who homeschool.

Join an​ online group.

You can build friendships and ‘be sociable’ in​ Cyberspace. an​ added bonus of​ online groups is​ that you will come in​ contact with moms from not only all over the​ United States but internationally as​ well - great for planning those geography and language lessons.

Teach a​ class to​ other homeschool moms

If you have a​ useful skill or​ interesting hobby,​teach it​ to​ other homeschooling parents. it​ could be a​ purely recreational class or​ something educational,​ which parents can convert into lesson plans.

Teach in​ the​ community.

Take the​ class idea one step further and teach it​ at​ the​ community education level. Most school districts offer enrichment classes on​ a​ abundance of​ different subjects. Not only will this option afford you the​ chance to​ interact with your peers,​ it​ will also give you the​ opportunity to​ earn extra money.

Volunteer with your children.

There are many not for profit organizations which allow families to​ volunteer together.Animal shelters,​ nature reserves and soup kitchens are examples of​ ‘family friendly’ organizations that are always on​ the​ lookout for volunteers.In addition to​ helping a​ good cause,​ you will be meeting and socialising with others.

There are plenty of​ social opportunities for the​ homeschooling mom. Whatever you choose to​ get involved in,​ make time for your own social life and you will be a​ happier,​ well adjusted home school mom with lots to​ offer your family.

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