The Golden Formula Of Writing Article Easily

The Golden Formula Of Writing Article Easily

Article marketing is​ the​ number one internet marketing tool; it​ is​ recognized as​ the​ most effective and cheapest way to​ drive traffic to​ a​ website. Articles maximize your website exposure,​ generate valuable back links for better search engines positioning and result in​ traffic generation to​ you website.

Many internet marketers grasped the​ concept of​ traffic generation with articles but the​ problem is​ article writing is​ not an​ easy task for many people. Although there are people who are able to​ complete an​ article for about 500 words in​ less then 10 minutes but many need hours to​ write once. And many find that article writing is​ so scaring and give up this powerful technique to​ drive free and targeted traffic to​ other website.

In actual fact,​ article writing is​ not that difficult and your can complete an​ article easily if​ you know the​ golden formula of​ article writing. Below are some guidelines that can help you to​ generate your article easily:

1. Have knowledge about the​ topic

The first thing you are going to​ need to​ write a​ good article is​ some knowledge on​ the​ topic. Remember you don't have to​ be an​ expert on​ the​ subject; all you are looking for is​ enough information so that you can whip up an​ article on​ it. You can get more related information on​ the​ topic you going to​ write from any search engines; just type in​ the​ keyword of​ your desired article,​ open at​ least 3 sites from the​ front page that look to​ be the​ most informative and read them to​ get more information for your desire article.

2. Outline the​ 3-5 Points of​ the​ Topic

Let say you would like to​ write an​ article about fat loss,​ what you are looking for here is​ 3-5 points about fat loss,​ no in​ depth information,​ just 3 or​ 5 points,​ or​ aspects of​ fat loss. For example,​ you might find something about fat loss program,​ fat loss with special exercise program or​ how to​ control the​ diet for fat loss & etc,​ note down these 4 aspects in​ a​ text file. From the​ page that you saw these points,​ read the​ relevant information in​ as​ much depth as​ you need so you get some ideas for your content.

3. Give a​ Good Title For Your Article

The title is​ the​ headline of​ your article and as​ such has the​ job of​ piquing your reader's interest and imploring them to​ want to​ know more. Hence,​ don't overlook the​ powerful of​ article. Whether your potential readers want to​ choose your articles other other's articles are depend on​ your article title; thus your article title should be "eye catching" enough to​ draw the​ attention of​ your potential readers.

A great article title should contain phases that draw the​ interest of​ your potential readers,​ such phases include:

  • Words that generate curiosity like "What you need to​ know",​ "...secret revealed"

  • Promise a​ benefit like "how to",​ "Discover",​ "Learn to" & etc

  • Pose a​ question which may include "How can",​ "What if",​ "Why does",​ "When is" & etc.

4. Article Summary/Teaser Copy

Most of​ article directories and websites will display the​ article summary below the​ article title. it​ will act as​ the​ door opening key for read to​ enter into your article. Summary should not be too long,​ 2-5 sentences based on​ your key points to​ lead your readers to​ read your full article. This summary may include in​ the​ end of​ your article for closing purpose.

5. Article Content Make Easy With the​ 3-5 Points Noted Down Earlier

A 500 words article may contain 3 to​ 5 paragraphs and if​ you have 4 points noted down during your information search; then you can divide each point to​ 1 paragraph. Start the​ first paragraph with a​ brief introduction on​ your topic or​ information that you are going to​ delivery to​ your readers; then,​ go into detail on​ each point and limit each point to​ a​ paragraph.

You will find that with the​ main points drafted down before start writing your article,​ you will finish writing the​ article fast and easy because the​ perfectly structured nature you will know exactly what you have to​ write in​ each sentence of​ each paragraph from start to​ finish.

In Summary

After all,​ article writing is​ not that scary. You do not need to​ be an​ expert on​ the​ subject; all you are looking for is​ enough information so that you can whip up an​ article on​ it. the​ golden formula of​ writing is​ not other than "Know what you want to​ write",​ "Get the​ related information in​ points form",​ "Add an​ introduction",​ "Connect all these points together" and finally close it​ with a​ "Summary". You are done with an​ article.

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