The Future Of Drug Testing Hair Sampling

The Future of​ ​Drug​ Testing Hair Sampling
One may consider the​ hair as​ a​ person’s crowning glory. in​ fact,​ most people spend hours in​ front of​ the​ mirror fixing their hair. Aside from making each one of​ us look good,​ the​ hair has yet another function you​ might be interested in. in​ today’s modern world,​ there comes another way of​ detecting ​Drug​s in​ individuals. Yes,​ using the​ hair! and it​ is​ actually the​ most accurate method of​ detecting ​Drug​ abuse in​ individuals. it​ can detect ​Drug​s such as​ marijuana,​ cocaine,​ opiates and the​ like. it​ is​ known as​ the​ hair ​Drug​ test.
1. Ten Times More Effective Than Urine ​Drug​ Tests
With this kind of​ modern and convenient method,​ it​ is​ now easy for​ schools and even employers to​ test students and employees to​ determine whether or​ not they have ​Drug​s in​ their system. Hair ​Drug​ tests come in​ handy kits with instructions on​ how to​ get hair specimens,​ then send it​ to​ the​ laboratory for​ evaluation.
2. How it​ Works
According to​ studies,​ when a​ person takes in​ ​Drug​s,​ as​ with any other substances,​ such as​ food,​ medicines,​ or​ drinks,​ it​ mixes with our blood,​ and as​ we​ all know,​ the​ blood nourishes all parts of​ our body,​ including the​ head. Hints of​ these chemicals then become trapped or​ filtered through the​ hair follicle,​ thus,​ as​ the​ hair grows,​ these chemicals are stored in​ the​ hair. Interestingly,​ these chemicals become a​ part of​ the​ hair itself.
Very accurate
Chemicals in​ the​ hair can be traced
Traces not just ​Drug​s in​ system at​ the​ time,​ but over the​ past three months!
a​ twoinch sample can give that persons ​Drug​ history for​ a​ four month period of​ time
Hair ​Drug​ testing is​ much more costly than urine testing
Hair testing is​ now widely used due to​ it’s effectiveness
3. How Its Done
a​ hair ​Drug​ test involves cutting a​ minimum of​ 50 strands of​ hair
Hair must be cut approximately one and a​ half inches from the​ scalp
Hair is​ then sent to​ the​ ​Drug​ testing laboratory
the​ hair is​ actually screened and reviewed,​ then liquified for​ final testing
There are lots of​ hair ​Drug​ testing kits available today
4. Hair ​Drug​ Testing Kits
Hair ​Drug​ testing kits,​ though widely available,​ are not affordable. Prices range from $50$69 for​ a​ complete kit. Laboratory processing fees are usually included when you​ make your purchase.
One point of​ view to​ consider tough a​ positive test result does not automatically mean the​ person uses illegal ​Drug​s. in​ fact,​ positive results are sometimes triggered by other legal substances. One maybe is​ under medication or​ taking maintenance medications,​ or​ overthecounter medications. it​ is​ wise therefore,​ that when the​ confirmation test comes back positive,​ it​ is​ important for​ a​ doctor,​ nurse,​ or​ other specialist to​ review the​ results and determine if​ illegal ​Drug​s are indeed the​ guilty party.
5. Beating Hair ​Drug​ Tests is​ Impossible
Now other smart individuals are finding ways and means to​ beat the​ hair ​Drug​ tests. Some say one can pass it​ through a​ kind of​ shampoo,​ especially from companies that claim that their shampoo cleans off all the​ toxins in​ the​ hair,​ but they are wrong. These toxins are already part of​ the​ hair follicle’s structure,​ cleaning it​ will literally mean taking it​ all off. the​ hair is​ like a​ plant. if​ a​ plant grows in​ a​ toxic environment,​ it​ will absorb toxins and toxins will become part of​ its structure no amount of​ shampoo will change that.
As we​ cannot clean off toxins in​ the​ hair,​ can we​ mask it​ by bleach or​ dyeing one’s hair? Maybe for​ a​ time,​ yes we​ can. But then,​ our skin is​ made up of​ fatty tissues. These fatty tissues are responsible for​ storing toxins in​ the​ body. When our body sweats,​ it​ gives off skin oil and release toxins,​ and these will be touched and be absorbed by the​ hair. It’s like a​ cycle. the​ masked hair will then be contaminated once more.
Others shave off their hair,​ but sad to​ say,​ toxins Don't leave the​ body anytime soon. if​ you​ are being kept in​ confinement,​ your hair will slowly grow back in,​ and your ​Drug​ use history will come back for​ all to​ see with it.

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